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KUHL KULTIVATR Women’s Shorts Review

Made by KÜHL’s special soft stretch fabric, the KUHL KULTIVATR Shorts for women pamper your skin and every step you take. The casual design makes them the perfect choice for strolling in the town and hiking in the mountains. Check the pros and cons of KUHL KULTIVATR Women’s Shorts with a 10″ inseam.

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Agnes Stabinska, the author and co-founder of The Van Escape blog in KUHL KULTIVATR Women's Shorts is on the mountains. She lies on a wooden bench on the trail and admires the mountains.

KUHL KULTIVATR Women’s Shorts – Introduction to Review

Have you just bought a cheap flight ticket? Only with hand luggage? But your itinerary is full of the number and variety of attractions you would like to experience. City tours, museum exhibitions, evening shows? However, there are amazing wonders of nature and excellent hiking trails in the area? Or maybe you plan to go camping in the summer?

Pack with your KÜHL shorts. The versatility of KULTIVATR Women’s Shorts is perfect. Their universalism and extraordinary comfort make them great both in the city and in casual hiking. These shorts should be a part of women’s everyday wardrobe.

Do you plan a trip to Las Vegas and dream of seeing the Grand Canyon or Antelope Canyon? Or plan a city break in San Francisco? KUHL KULTIVATR Women’s Shorts will be the perfect solution for any occasion! They are great casual shorts for everyday comfort. Check my review and details below.

KUHL KULTIVATR Women’s Shorts – Specs at a Glance

Specs at a Glance

Notable Features of KUHL KULTIVATR Women’s Shorts

  • Luxurious soft stretch twill fabric
  • Freedom of movement
  • Four pockets
  • Superior sun protection (UPF 50)
  • Durable
Agnes Stabinska in KUHL KULTIVATR Women's Shorts is sitting on the rock and admiring mountain view.
Agnes Stabinska hiking in the forest in KUHL KULTIVATR Women's Shorts.

KUHL KULTIVATR Women’s Shorts Review

Design and Versatility

I choose KULTIVATR Women’s Shorts by KÜHL for everyday activities on warm days. They are incredibly stylish and comfy. Most importantly, they are universal. Perfect for bike rides, long walks, or casual hikes. In combination with sneakers, a bright t-shirt, or high heels, they are also ideal for going out for a drink or meeting with friends.

I have already tested them in different environments. And honestly, I have worn them almost every day for several weeks. They have become my second skin. The material they are made of is just phenomenal. I did not expect them to be so high quality and to give my skin such a soft hug. At the same time, they are airy and durable.

The fabric is so pleasant on the skin that you don’t want to take your shorts off. The pastel color attracts attention. They are garment-dyed for a unique look. I also like the internal draw cord, so you don’t need to wear a belt. In addition, the shorts have four pockets.

They are deep enough that you can easily put your phone in them. It would be perfect if one of the back pockets had a button. Then, while biking, I would keep the phone in it without fear of falling out. Really comfortable and attractive. Stylish enough to dress up to go out to lunch and tough enough to hike, camp, or garden in.

Because they are stretchy, check the size chart carefully. Probably, you may need a size smaller than usual.

Agnes Stabinska, the author and co-owner of the Van Escape blog is sitting on a wooden bench in KUHL KULTIVATR Women's Shorts, hiking boots and black t-shirt.

Comfort and Freedom of Movement

One of the essential features of these shorts is the advanced material they are made of: luxurious soft stretch twill fabric. Mix of 38% Cotton, 28% Modal, 18% Lyocell, 14.5% Elasterell-P, 1.5% Lycra. Thanks to this feature, the shorts are very stretchy, but they do not lose their design.

You can easily ride a bike and even run in them (I ran to the bus stop to catch the bus). They do not restrict movement in any way. You have full freedom of movement in these shorts. I described them as stretchier than my favorite SPLASH 11 hiking shorts (also from Kuhl).

Dry Time and Breathability

These are not shorts for extreme outdoor expeditions. These are high-quality and solid-made shorts for everyday use. Perfect for traveling. You will be comfortable in them during many hours of flight by plane. Great to wear around the city and perfect for several-hour casual hikes or camping.

But they are not quick-drying, waterproof, or wicking away moisture quickly. When I was carrying a heavy backpack and a fastened hip belt in the mountains, wet spots appeared on my loins. It took about an hour for the stain to dry, and there was no trace of it.

You don’t have to worry if you’re not carrying a heavy backpack with a waist belt. Shorts are great for casual hiking and everyday activities. My backpack is quite heavy—it weighs 22lb—26.5lb (10-12 kg)—because I carry a lot of photographic equipment. If you have a lighter backpack for your usual everyday hikes, shorts will do the trick.

But they are airy enough to make you feel fresh and comfortable. The breathability is at a reasonable level. After a long day of hiking, I still felt fresh.

Agnes Stabinska in KUHL KULTIVATR Women's Shorts on the bench in the mountains.

The Lenght

I opted for a 10-inch inseam short. They are perfect for me. I feel comfortable. This length matches all my activities – cycling, long strolls around the city, or not-too-demanding hiking trips.
But I have good news. These shorts are also available in a 4-inch version, perfect for hot summer days and slim legs.

Moreover, the KULTIVATR KARGO CROP is also available from this series and this material. I will purchase them for the fall season because this fabric and design are number one for me!

Agnes Stabinska in KUHL KULTIVATR Women's Shorts and hiking boots on the hiking trail in the forest.
Agnes Stabinska in KUHL KULTIVATR Women's Shorts and hiking boots in the forest.


Three colors are available for the KULTIVATR SHORT 10″: Tuscany, Pavement, and Sage. I chose the color Tuscany because I love Italy, its food, architecture, and wine. Secondly, these shorts are perfect for hiking in the Tuscan hills, especially the gentle hills and mountains.

For the shorter version of the KULTIVATR SHORT 4 “, you can choose from Tuscany, Pavement, Tuscan Sun, Sage, and Carbon. The same five colors are available for the long pants: KULTIVATR KARGO CROP.

Sun Protection

These shorts offer maximum sun protection (UPF 50+), so they are perfect for summer activities.

Agnes Stabinska in KUHL KULTIVATR Women's Shorts is admiring tall rock formation.
Agnes in KUHL KULTIVATR Women's Shorts in mountains.

KUHL KULTIVATR Women’s Shorts – Verdict

You’ll love the softness that comes with the Kuhl Women’s Kultivatr Short 10″. I’m impressed with the fit, quality & magical stretchy fabric that still looks great at the end of an active day. The Women’s KUHL KULTIVATR Shorts offer all-day comfort. The soft material with the added stretch gives you plenty of mobility for every outdoor adventure.

They are the perfect choice for warm weather as the UPF 50+ sun protection technology helps offer added coverage from the sun. These shorts are practical in every way! They have great stretch and functional and durable pockets without feeling too bulky.

It is a perfect pair of shorts for camping, bike tour, or hiking. Due to the lack of water resistance and a pretty long drying time, I do not recommend them for trips where the weather is unpredictable and where a storm can come at any time. For sure, I pack them for my next summer road trip through Utah or Arizona. These shorts will not disappoint you. They are perfect for visiting sunny cities like Santa Fe, New Orleans, or Las Vegas. These shorts will not disappoint you.

kuhl womens shorts review chart with overall score: 8.5.

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  1. l don’t typically wear shorts but that’s only because I don’t find the comfortable. I love the look of the KUHL short. They certainly look comfortable. I love the fact that they stretch.

  2. I love that the KUHL shorts are made of soft stretch fabric. It is great to give me the flexibility I want in my outdoor clothes. And I love the inseam length. Great that they look nice enough to use for everyday wear as well. Thanks for the tip that I might need a size smaller than the size chart suggests. That is rarely the case.

  3. You know? You convinced me about the shorts when you said that there are 4 pockets that are deep enough to hold the phones! I’m so tired of these fake pockets and shallow pockets in mainstream shops! The combination of the fibers is interesting; Cotton, Modal and Lycra itself is an excellent combo. Good to know they’re garment dyed. Heading to their website now!

  4. Beautiful shorts! These are ideal if you’re in a hurry and don’t know what to wear. Simply pair them with any top. I’m not a big fan of shorts, but I really like this one because of the fabric and the quality. I also love its color!

  5. Definitely nice shorts! Love that they have extra features like sun protection, durable comfort, and a variety of colors. I’m sure they would be perfect for hiking and casual day trips this summer. And they look like they’d take up very little space in your luggage!

  6. KUHL soft stretch fabric shorts are certainly attractive with all the features. Sun protection and the variety of colors to choose from will probably make my wife buy many together. Especially with 10 inch and 4 inch options it makes a real good product to acquire.

  7. KUHL KULTIVATR shorts look too comfortable to wear especially for a long hike or day walk. I really loved the design and color of the shorts and loved to know that they are durable and sun protected too. Is it available in India? I would love to place an order then.

  8. The Kuhl shorts looks cool. I would any day prefer something breathable like this one. They look nice. They can be an every day wear also. I love the flexibility it has. I would surely recommend this.

  9. I always prefer wearing shorts while travelling if the weather is not too cold as it provides great comfort. UPF 50+ Sun protection is really innovative and useful feature. KUHL KULTIVATR Women’s Shorts definitely checked all the boxes. Hopefully, they come up with the men’s shorts soon.

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