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Read this review of the KUHL FREEFLEX ROLL-UP Pants for Women if you’re looking for stretchy, comfy, lightweight pants perfect for summer mountain hiking. What features make them unique and worth packing for any outdoor trip out of the city, for camping or trekking? You will learn from this article because I tested them in different conditions and on different trails, and since I bought them, I have packed them for every trip.

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Agnes Stabinska, the author co-owner of The Van Escape blog is sitting on a tree trunk in grey KUHL FREEFLEX ROLL-UP Pants. She is looking at the sea and mountains.

KUHL FREEFLEX ROLL-UP Pants Review – My Experiences

I have been a fan of Kuhl’s clothing for several years and often buy their products. I want to emphasize that I am sharing my honest opinion with you after many months of wearing the product in various conditions.

Moreover, I have been using two pairs of shorts by KÜHL for some time, which have been great for mountain hiking: SPLASH 11″ Hiking Shorts and KULTIVATR Women’s Shorts.

But the weather can be unpredictable in Alaska, so I needed a comfortable pair of long-leg hiking pants that could handle warmer weather. I chose the KUHL FREEFLEX ROLL-UP Women’s Pants for our recent Alaskan trip up the Dalton Highway.

The main reason to choose those pants is that they are roll-up pants that instantly convert from long-leg pants to capris. Thanks to this, they can be adapted to the weather or obstacles on the trail or crossing the stream. What’s more, they feature a great stretch, sun-stopping protection, and sweat-wicking performance, making them perfect for trekking adventures.

KUHL FREEFLEX ROLL-UP Pants for Women – Specs at a Glance

  • BEST USE: hiking, camping, adventure, travel, active lifestyle, work/everyday
  • FABRIC: FREEFLEX 50% Polyester, 50% New Polyester
  • ROLL-UP: YES (versatile roll-up feature converts from 32 in. inseam pants to 21 in. capris)
  • POCKETS: 6
  • LIGHTWEIGHT: Yes (152 GSM)
Agnes Stabinska, the author and co-founder of the Van Escape blog is standing next to wooden sign of the Dalton Highway in Alaska. She is wearing gray KUHL FREEFLEX ROLL-UP Pants.

KUHL FREEFLEX ROLL-UP Pants – Notable Features

What features make those pants by KÜHL unique?

  • Rolled-up pants legs secured with a snap
  • Freedom of movement (advanced fabric: FreeFlex)
  • Super soft fabric
  • Lightweight
  • Quick-drying
  • Moisture-managing
  • UPF 50+ Sun Protection

KUHL FREEFLEX ROLL-UP Pants for Women – Review

Design and Versatility

These pants have been designed for women who like outdoor activities. They have a modern look and fit great on the body. The delicate fabric provides perfect comfort, and they are characterized by excellent stretchability.

What makes them special and unique is their rolled-up features. Thanks to this, you can shorten them easily while crossing the stream. But if you combine them with tennis, they are also perfect as casual pants for work or city sightseeing.

Inseam, Fit, and Sizing

KUHL FREEFLEX ROLL-UP Pants have regular length 32” inseam, but due to its roll-up feature, you can easily convert to a 21” capris style. Rolled-up features are secured with a comfy snap. Depending on your height, you can also choose the length of the pants, 30 and 34 inches.

They are also characterized by a mid-rise at the front that contours into a high-rise at the back. They are fitted through the hip and thigh with a relaxed leg. Moreover, a wide waistband with internal drawcord adjustment allows you to fine-tune the fit.

Agnes Stabinska, the author, is standing at the lake in KUHL FREEFLEX ROLL-UP Pants.
Agnes Stabinska in sitting on bench Homer, Alaska. She is wearing KUHL FREEFLEX ROLL-UP Pants and hiking boots.

Comfort and Freedom of Movement

What makes these pants by Kuhl unique is their excellent, highly elastic, modern material. They stretch very well, but they don’t deform. You can squat in them, raise your leg high to cross the obstacle, and feel comfortable.

They adapt perfectly to your movements and do not block any of your actions. The soft material means that the seams do not rub from the inside in any way. The fabric is exceptionally body-friendly.

Dry Time and Water Resistance

Other essential features of KUHL FREEFLEX ROLL-UP Pants are their great moisture management and quick drying. They have a water-resistant finish, so if you encounter light rain on the trail, they stay dry for quite a long time. They also dry very quickly, making them an excellent choice for all outdoor activities.

Sun Protection

KUHL FREEFLEX ROLL-UP Pants provide high sun protection, making them an excellent choice for all summer hiking or trips to warm regions where you need sun protection and, at the same time, an airy and well-breathable material. These pants are perfect for road trips and hiking in Arizona or Utah semi-arid areas.

KUHL FREEFLEX ROLL-UP Pants Review: Agnieszka Stabinska, the author, in gray pants by Kuhl, is lighting a fire at a campsite by the sea. At the back is a tent and the mountains, it's Alaska.

Venting and Breathability

They breathe well, so you can spend many hours in them. The fabric is light and airy, which is their advantage, but they may not sufficiently protect against the cold at lower temperatures. In Alaska, despite the summer, the weather did not spoil us, and the temperature often dropped to around 41°F (5°C) or less in the morning and evening.

In addition, there was a strong wind, for example, when we pitched a tent at the campsite in Homer overlooking the glaciers and Kachemak Bay. A great solution was to wear underneath the pants Thermal Merino Base Layer.

Agnes Stabinska, the author, is wearing Kuhl pants and she is standing at the wooden Arctic Circle sign in Alaska.

Lots of Pockets

KUHL FREEFLEX ROLL-UP Pants have six pockets, including 4 (side on the thighs and back), which are fastened with a latch. Thanks to this, you can safely keep some small items in them during the hike.


Kuhl Roll-Up Pants are available in seven colors: ganache, Rainstorm, Antique Gold, Black, Sage, Flint, and Koal. The shades are pastel and subdued, so they can be matched to many styles.

Agnes Stabinska at the camping with the sea view is wearing KUHL FREEFLEX ROLL-UP Pants.
Agnes Stabinska, the author, is wearing KUHL FREEFLEX ROLL-UP Pantsand she is at the campsite next to campfire with the sea view.


I can definitely recommend KUHL FREEFLEX ROLL-UP Pants for Women if you like hiking and outdoor activities in the summer or warmer months. They are lightweight, airy, and dry quickly. The rolling-up leg and attractive cut make them suitable for various uses.

They are incredibly comfortable and pleasant to the body, stretch perfectly, and fit great.

Flexible and perfect for hiking or pretty much any outdoor activity, the snap-closure deep enough pockets at the back and thigh are great and comfy. They are very resistant and durable despite the thin fabric. The color remains unchanged, and the material is still of excellent quality, although it has been washed many times (according to the manufacturer’s instructions).

I can recommend those roll-up pants for trails like the Wave hike in Arizona, the Angels Landing hike in Utah, for Lower Antelope Canyon hike, or the Havasu Falls hike. It is a perfect choice for trips to such national parks as Grand Canyon National Park or Death Valley National Park.

Visit Kuhl.com to check prices and purchase FREEFLEX ROLL-UP Pants for your next summer adventure!

chart with KUHL FREEFLEX ROLL-UP Pants Review

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Agnes Stabinska, the author, is sitting at the campsite in KUHL FREEFLEX ROLL-UP Pants.


  1. I like the idea of all those pockets. I like to keep my hands free, but I am compulsive about having chapstick with me at all times. Pockets that close would come in handy.

  2. I love these Kulh freeflex roll up pants! Its features of quick drying, ability to roll it up and secure to use as capri and pockets make it the best pants for hiking and camping. Looks like something I would love to buy. 🙂

  3. The Kuhl Freeflex Roll up pants look promising. Personally I do not like zipper legs as the zippers tent to chafe on my legs. But I like to be a bit flexible with the leg length. And as I do not need really short legs, roll-up pants are a good alternative for me. I will definitely check this out.

  4. I like these types of pants with a detachable part or roll-up facility that helps toggle between capris & pants. It is really handy! You sold this to me the moment you said 6 pockets. Looks like the pockets are deep enough to hold phones (I’m really tired of fake pockets & shallow pockets!). Good that they also have a water-resistant finish. I think I’d go for the antique gold color.

  5. We just booked a trip to Antarctica so I am reading your posts on hiking gear a little more closely now. Not sure if the KUHL FREEFLEX ROLL-UP Pants would be the ones for extreme cold weather. But they have all the features we would want from hiking pants. I do like the idea of roll up pants to cool down a bit and keep the bottoms dry in wet weather. The stretch is definitely a bonus!

  6. This is timely! I am actually planning to buy a new pair of pants and this looks perfect. Love that it’s stretchy and lightweight. Happy to know that it is quick drying too. Thank you for sharing this.

  7. I think I will like this pants. First, I like wearing roll up for when it gets warm and I can roll them back down when hiking in tall grass. I also like its other features, like stretch well because I like to squat, jump, and move a lot during hiking; quick dry and water resistant, and has many pockets. What I look for in a pants!

  8. The Kuhl freeflex pants is something that I would definitely want in my backpack. It fulfils almost all the criterias that is required for a good hiking pant. I also like such trousers that can be rolled up into a capri. And I also like the fact that they are mid rise and contours to high-rise at the back. It makes them even more comfortable. I would definitely love to try them out in my next trekking adventure.

  9. I’m definitely a person who is always looking for comfortable and good hiking gear. Kuhl freeflex pants look like they are high quality and I really like it that you can roll them up. That way you can use them in multiple different climates. You mentioned sun protection, and I feel like that is something people often forget what comes to feet. Great point!

  10. These look like a really versatile piece of clothing for home or away. I could definitely see myself wearing the Kuhl Freeflex Rollup Pants on an adventurous hike, or working around the yard and garden. The fact that they manage moisture and dry quickly makes them perfect for active use, and also a bonus if it’s a bit rainy out. And since they are lightweight, they’re a great addition to any travel wardrobe. After reading your review, it sounds like I’ll be getting a pair (or two)!

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