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KUHL SPLASH 11″ Hiking Shorts for Women – Review

Mountains are calling. I finally found a pair of shorts that are perfect for mountain hiking—KUHL SPLASH 11″ Shorts for women. They are comfortable, perfectly cut, and of a reasonable length. Check out the pros and cons I found in the Women’s KUHL SPLASH 11″ Hiking Shorts.

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Agnes Stabinska, the author andco-founder of The Van Escape blog is in KUHL SPLASH 11" Hiking Shorts in the mountains. She is standing on the rock with the mountain view, lake and snow.

KUHL SPLASH 11″ Hiking Shorts – Introduction

We are planning a fantastic adventure for the coming summer. We are going to Alaska again, so we are completing our gear and clothing, including hiking shorts. It’s not an easy task because it will be an exciting trip—we want to drive the Dalton Highway, reach Prudhoe Bay, and visit two remote national parks: Gates of the Arctic and Kobuk Valley.

Alaska is challenging, so, finding the best hiking shorts for women took me a while. When I got the opportunity to wear and test the KÜHL women’s shorts I was happy.

I chose KUHL SPLASH 11″ hiking shorts and hiked many miles in the mountains. What is my verdict? I can not wait to put them on in Alaska hiking adventures. It is my second pair of shorts by Kuhl. I also have and love KUHL KULTIVATR Women’s Shorts.

But let’s focus on Kuhl Splash 11” hiking shorts. Check the details of my review below.

Agnes Stabinska in KUHL SPLASH 11" Hiking Shorts for Women on the hiking trail in the mountains. She is on the snow and ice next to lake and admiring mountain and glaciers.

Women’s KUHL SPLASH 11″ Hiking Shorts – Specs at a Glance

Specs at a Glance

Women’s KUHL SPLASH 11″ Hiking Shorts – Notable Features

  • Freedom of movement (performance cotton blend with stretch)
  • Six pockets (two snap back pockets and two snap thigh pockets)
  • Lightweight
  • Durable
  • Quick-drying
  • Superior sun protection (UPF 50)
Agnes Stabinska in KUHL SPLASH 11" Hiking Shorts and hiking boots in the river.
Agnes Stabisnka in KUHL SPLASH 11" Hiking Shorts o the mountain trail.

KUHL SPLASH 11″ Hiking Shorts for Women – Review

Design and Versatility

KUHL SPLASH 11″ shorts are designed for women who love hiking adventures and the outdoors. For women who feel most comfortable on long, challenging hikes, often in rough terrain. Who love exciting activities. They are durable hiking shorts for those wanting more coverage and feel comfy while trekking.

The length and cut of the shorts (the legs are straight) make you look fit. Shorts optically lengthen the legs, making both slim and women’s curves look attractive in this model. What’s more, they cover all the essentials, from extra pocket space to breathability. Its versatility and style mean that the shorts can be used in various ways.

Design is modern, so these hiking shorts for women also transfer well into urban environments. The shorts are slightly higher in the back and lower in the front, making them perfect for a woman’s waist. They fit perfectly.

Agnes Stabinska in KUHL SPLASH 11"  and backpack in the forest with the mountain view.
Agnes Stabinska, the author, is sitting on the rock with the mountain view. She is wearing KUHL SPLASH 11" shorts and admiring the view.

Comfort and Freedom of Movement

One of the main advantages of these hiking shorts for women is the advanced material they are made of. The KUHL SPLASH 11″ SHORT features ÜBERKÜHL STRETCH™ fabric. This high-performance cotton blend dries faster than cotton and stretches for superior comfort and freedom of movement. It’s a new technology that combines 68% cotton, 29% nylon, and 3% spandex.

In these shorts, you can move without limits, hiking like a mountain goat. They are not so stretchy to do splits, practice yoga, or run. But they are flexible enough to take long strides, lift a leg high, and go up or down with rocks and stones in the mountains. What’s important, this technical fabric stretches a bit but without losing the shorts’ shape.

The fabric is also wrinkle-resistant and durable. At the same time, the fabric is pleasant to the skin. Even after a full day of exhausting hiking, there are no abrasions or redness.

The shorts also feature a contoured waistband, belt loops, a metal snap, and a zip-fly closure. I’m not a fan of the snap closure, but it works well here. Fastening and unfastening are quick and convenient. I usually wear a belt because I have a slim waist, so it’s excellent that the shorts have belt loops.

Kuhl shorts details.
Kuhl shorts  details.

Venting and Breathability

Material is breathable. The shorts are light and airy and guarantee breathability. After 10 hours of intense hiking through the mountains with significant elevation changes and with a heavy backpack on my back, I still felt fresh. The shorts were not sweaty.

Only where I have the hip belt from the backpack was a wet spot that dried a few minutes after removing the backpack.

Agnes in KUHL SPLASH 11" shorts and hiking boots and with trekking poles on the hiking trail.
Agnes in KUHL SPLASH 11" shorts and hiking boots and with trekking poles on the hiking trail.


One of the best things about the KUHL SPLASH 11″ hiking shorts for women is their length. The inseam is 11 inches (27.94 cm). They reach just before the knee. I have been looking for a pair of shorts like this for a long time. And why? They perfectly protect the legs from possible abrasions from stones or branches on the trail, bushwhacking. It protects against sudden weather changes.

You do not get gooseflesh on your legs when the wind blows in the mountains. Also, you can trek through dense foliage, and your skin will remain dry. The length does not impede mobility. What’s more, this cut optically slims the figure.

But if you prefer shorter shorts, I have great news for you – there’s also a KUHL SPLASH 5.5″ version. I think these shorts are a perfect solution for hot summer days. They are also great for outdoor activities and water sports. Seems perfect for hiking, kayaking, or sailing. But they have slightly different pockets (side pockets). They have a zipper instead of a snap. And they have 5 pockets. However, they also look great. The other features are the same as KUHL SPLASH 11″.

Agnes Stabinska, the author, in the Tatra Mountains with stunnig lake and moutain view. She is wearing KUHL SPLASH 11" hiking shorts and hiking boots.

Sun Protection

The length and fabric also perfectly protect the thighs from sunburn. The pain of burnt thighs is horrible. Even if I carry cream with a filter there is not always the opportunity to rub it on the body on the trail. Often there is no water to wash your hands after applying the cream.

Besides, almost every cosmetic product has a scent, and every scent attracts wild animals. I plan to take these hiking shorts for women with me to Alaska. So, I do not want to use a cream that lures with the scent of grizzly bears on the trail.

Moreover, the KUHL SPLASH 11″ hiking shorts for women offer superior sun protection (UPF 50), so I don’t have to pack a cream. Thanks to this, I will have a lighter backpack, which is important for all-day hiking. The sun in the mountains blazed hard in the last few weekends when I tested the KUHL SPLASH 11″ hiking shorts for women. I did not use sunscreen, and the shorts did a great job protecting my legs and thighs.

Lots of Pockets

I love the number of pockets in these shorts. There are six of them. In addition, there are two back pockets with snaps and two thigh pockets with snaps. I can finally keep a lens cap, tissues, headlamp, sunglasses, or phone handy.

However, there is a small minus here. It would be best if one of the pockets could be a little bit deeper to carry and store a larger phone securely. I have the phone on a cover, so it’s a bit larger, making it a bit difficult to close the pocket. I also like the trendy stitching of cargo-inspired pockets.

Agnes on the mountain lake in KUHL SPLASH 11".
Agnes in mountains in KUHL SPLASH 11" .

Dry Time and Water Resistance

I can also confirm that the KUHL SPLASH 11″ hiking shorts are quick-drying. I usually have a heavy backpack for all-day hikes. There are snacks, water, a first aid kit, extra clothes for changing weather, and a camera with two or three lenses. So, I use a hip belt to take the strain off my spine. It’s normal for me to sweat a little at the bottom of my back when I am exerting myself more.

Wet spots remain visible at the bottom of the T-shirt, at the waistband, and on the shorts. Fortunately, it only takes a few minutes for the shorts to dry, and there is no longer a trace of the wet spot. Five minutes after removing the backpack, the shorts were dry. I also washed my hands in the stream water and wiped my hands on my shorts, and after a while, there was no trace of wetness.

These shorts are not waterproof and won’t absorb water quickly. If you encounter rain during the trek, it will take a long time before the shorts become wet. The lack of water resistance can be considered a minus of these shorts, but the fact that they dry quickly is their advantage.


I chose the Green Camo color, but there are more to choose from Light Khaki, Pine, Shadow, and Metal Blue. All of them are subdued, perfect for mountain trips. I chose the camouflage color because I love to observe and photograph wildlife, so I want to remain as invisible in the wilderness as possible. In addition, this color will not get dirty quickly, and since I plan to spend three weeks camping and hiking Alaska, this is quite an important feature.

Agnes Stabinska, the author, among trees and mountains with the lake view is hiking in KUHL SPLASH 11" shorts.

KUHL SPLASH 11″ Shorts – Verdict

I am adding KUHL SPLASH 11″ shorts to my Day Hiking Packing List. They are now my favorite hiking shorts. KUHL Splash 11″ is a high-quality pair of shorts designed for adventure and outdoor activities.

What I love the most about the KUHL SPLASH 11″ Shorts is the inseam length, which is perfect. It is long enough to protect from obstacles on the trail and the sun. It offers enough stretch to overcome the barriers and lift your legs when trekking. The numerous pockets allow you to store small accessories, which is very important when hiking.

You do not have to stop and remove your backpack to look for the necessary items. They would be perfect if one of the pockets were a little deeper. What I don’t love so much about the KUHL SPLASH 11″ Shorts is that they are not waterproof. However, they dry quickly and are very breathable, keeping you comfortable, fresh, and ventilated throughout the day on intense hikes. Pack your pair of KUHL SPLASH 11″ Hiking Shorts when the mountains are calling.

chart with the final verdict and overall score: 8.7.

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  1. This article is very useful. I often pack based on what is comfortable to wear at home. However, sometimes this doesn’t work with the activities I have planned. It is really important to plan and buy appropriate clothing ahead of time.

  2. I will have a look at this shorts! I had a Kühl outdoor sweater for a long time that I loved very much. They pieces have a very good qulitiy. I like it that the legs are not too short, but of course this depends also on your body height! I also would have gone for the greenish colour.

  3. I am always interested in new suggestions for hiking clothes. I generally have chosen long pants to protect my legs in the woods. But the KUHL shorts look like they may be great for warm weather hiking. Drying time is important as we do often end up around the water. Thanks for the new suggestion.

  4. First, love the name of these shorts! It’s always great to read a recommendation from personal experience. I love all the pockets, that’s important while hiking as you don’t want to keep reaching into your backpack every time you need something. For me, my phone needs to be handy for those epic hiking views.

  5. I will like this short. Quick dry and breathable, and it has many pockets to put whatever we want to. But the difference in length for front and back side is something new to me.

  6. I’m a hiker too and am always looking for comfort meets style (hiking pants are my go to travel pants!) I think the 5.5 inch would be my style. I don’t know where your hiking at but I definitely need to go!

  7. These shorts look very nice – albeit, I was very distracted by the amazing pictures of those sceneries… – and comfy. I used to have something similar, but those were long pants and you were able to unzip the lower part so that you had knee-high shorts. I think that’s very handy especially when hiking.

  8. The Kuhl splash 11″ hiking shorts seem like an ideal wear for hiking and trekking purpose of outdoor adventurists. The breathable, flexible and quick drying feature of the shorts makes it a great choice for outdoors. And also having extra pockets for storage allows you to carry extra items.

    1. Thank you for asking! They have a great selection of men’s shorts, durable and perfect for mountain treks. Check out the AMBUSH CARGO model.

  9. I’m really sold on these shorts for hiking, they sound perfect for the outdoors. I never knew about sunburn on thighs before but it makes a lot of sense! The breathable material and many pockets is also helpful, as is the fact they dry quickly. 10/10.

  10. These shorts look very comfortable and good for hiking. They are actually quite my style and I could see myself wearing something like this. I love it that they also offer sun protection as we live in California and it is so important. I would probably go with the Khaki colour but I like the one you are wearing too.

  11. These look like a great hiking shorts. I’m like you and prefer deeper pockets for being able to grab the immediate things but I’d be happy with the quick dry and how moveable they are. They are really flattering, it’s so hard to find in hiking wear for women.

  12. We love all types of outdoor activities and as a woman, I know how important good wear is. Thank you for your tips on good shorts for hiking especially for women. Since I live in France, I’ve been mostly buying from Decathlon but it sounds like a good idea to explore other brands that are better for hiking.

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