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KUHL PRISM Hoody Review

Check out this Women’s KUHL PRISM Hoody Review if you are looking for a fleece hoodie perfect for outdoor summer and fall activities like hiking, camping, or traveling. Find out if this hoodie worked well during the summer adventure in Alaska when the weather did not spoil us.

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KUHL PRISM Hoody Review

Women’s KUHL PRISM Hoody – Introduction to Review

Agnes again chose KÜHL brand clothing when looking for a full-zip fleece hoodie for a summer trip to Alaska. This brand has been part of her wardrobe for some time, as each new outdoor product by KÜHL is an excellent choice.

Agnes’ favorite fleece jacket is also the Kuhl flight jacket (check the review). But first, it’s a little worn out after five years of using it during each travel. Second, it’s made of fairly heavy fleece, perfect for winter conditions. Third, as we all know, a woman needs variety because how many photos can you take with the same hoodie, right?

For August in Alaska, Agnes needed a slightly lighter, full-zip hoodie to protect her from the morning chill at the campsite or during summer mountain hikes in the Gates of the Arctic National Park and Denali National Park. So, she chose KUHL PRISM Women’s Hoody. Below is a detailed review and photos of the Kuhl Prism Hoody taken during our last Alaska travel.

KUHL PRISM Hoody Review
KUHL PRISM Hoody Review

KUHL PRISM Hoody – Specs at a Glance


Women’s KUHL PRISM Hoody – Notable Features

  • Lightweight yet super cozy and soft fleece
  • Breathable warmth with a high warmth-to-weight ratio
  • Premium Italian Fleece: 100% Polyester | 200 GSM
  • Reinforced, softshell shoulders for gear-carrying protection
  • Shoulder overlay: 89% Polyester, 11% Spandex | 90 GSM
  • Two zip pockets to keep essentials secure
  • Modern and stylish color-block design
  • Y2K center zipper
Women’s KUHL PRISM Hoody

Women’s KUHL PRISM Hoody – Review

Design and Fabric

Three versions of Prism Fleece

This PRISM fleece by Kuhl has been designed in three versions so that every woman can choose the version that best suits her needs. Agnes chose a PRISM full-zip hoodie, and her review is about it. But you can also see and choose a PRISM jacket without a hood and a PRISM Pullover with ½ Zip.

Women's new arrivals banners for Fall 2022


The KUHL PRISM Hoody is designed to make you feel comfortable in it, down to the smallest detail. The reinforced, soft-shell shoulders for gear-carrying protection convinced me about this hoodie. I always have a backpack, usually quite heavy because I have photo equipment, and unfortunately, the fleece usually rubs. Thanks to this reinforcement, I don’t have to worry about the quality and durability of the hoodie.

Moreover, the hood is soft, perfectly wraps the head, and protects from light wind. It does not fall on the eyes, which is especially important if you wear glasses. It is a full-zipped hoodie with a Y2K center zipper. What’s more, it also features zippered hand pockets to keep essentials secure. It’s crucial while hiking or camping. The colors of the hoodie are inspiring and eye-catching. Combining several colors means you can wear it in many ways and on different occasions with the right accessories.

The slight con is the lack of thumb holes, which are handy while hiking and camping.

KUHL PRISM Hoody Review


The most significant advantage of this hoodie is the fabric. The hoody is made of warm and soft fabric. It’s a Premium Italian Fleece: 100% Polyester with a weight of 200 GSM. The most significant advantage of this hoodie is the fabric. The hoody is made of warm and soft fabric. It’s a Premium Italian Fleece: 100% Polyester with a weight of 200 GSM. My favorite Kuhl flight jacket is made of the same high-quality Italian fleece, but it is much warmer because it has a grammage of 430 GSM.

KÜHL PRISM Women’s Hoody is lighter yet super cozy and breathable warmth. It makes it a perfect choice for spring or summer activities. It also works great as a layer.

Versatility and Pockets

The KUHL PRISM hoody can be worn on different occasions thanks to its modern, exciting design and colors. Wear it with jeans or a skirt will be perfect for going to work or the city. It is an excellent choice for a casual hoodie. But for Agnes, this hoodie is an excellent choice for outdoor activities such as camping, hiking, trekking, and relaxing in the mountains.

Two zipped pockets keep small items safe. You can keep a phone, headlamp, or whatever you like while camping and hiking. It is a pity there is no inside pocket.

Warmthness and Wind Protection

KUHL PRISM Hoody is not a super warm hoodie for frost or winter. But it is a warm and cozy enough hoodie for summer, spring, and fall activities. It’s an ideal mid-layer when the temperature plummets. It might be a great choice in winter as one of the layerings. Perfect for hiking in Utah national parks, visiting Colorado in summer, or during a road trip in Arizona. It will keep you comfortable and warm on cooler mornings and evenings. It’s perfect for favorable temperatures.

This hoodie has a proof test of time in Alaska this summer. We crossed Alaska south to north, from Homer at the Kenai Peninsula to the Arctic Ocean via the Dalton Highway. The lowest temperature was 33,8 °F (1°C). But then the hoodie served as one of the layers. Underneath, I had a thermal T-shirt weighing 200 GSM. And a windproof jacket over it.

If you need super warm fleece, definitely choose the Flight Jacket by KÜHL. It is an excellent fleece, the review of which is here.

Dalton Highway
Dalton Highway

Comfort and Freedom of Movement

The KUHL PRISM Hoodie is very comfortable, perfect for hiking or campsite. It does not restrict movement. In addition, it does not take up a lot of space, so it is worth having it in your backpack in case of cooling. Minus that is the lack of thumb holes.


The hoodie is durable. It has already been washed several times, and the fabric does not stretch. The colors also remain fresh. Thanks to the reinforcements on the shoulders, the fleece does not rub over the backpack’s straps, which is an additional advantage of this sweatshirt.

Venting and Dry Time

The breathability and ventilation of Prims women’s hoody are excellent. If you wear a high-quality T-shirt underneath, you won’t sweat in it at all.

The hoodie is lightweight, so it dries pretty quickly, but you should not wear it in the rain. It is fleece and does not have any water-resistant features.

Women’s KUHL PRISM Hoody
Women’s KUHL PRISM Hoody

Colors and Sizing

The perfect fresh color-block design drew my attention to the Kuhl Prism Hoody. The colors of this hoodie attract attention, making it look unique and stylish. The hoodie is available in seven color shades: Sea Salt, Ganache, Rose Quartz, Sagebrush, Stone, Kalamata, and Deep Storm. Agnes’ choice is Stone.

The size is according to the size table. Agnes took the size L, although M would also be good. Take a smaller hoodie if you want to fit a hoodie into your body.

How to wash KUHL PRISM Hoody?

I have washed his hoodie several times according to the manufacturer’s recommendations on the official website. Washed in machine wash cold, and I didn’t use fabric softener.

KUHL PRISM Hoody – Verdict

KUHL PRISM Hoody is a great sweatshirt that is worth having in your wardrobe and which, above all, is worth wearing. It will work well on any outdoor trip; it will also be perfect for a trip around the city. Thanks to its lightweight, it is easy to fit in any luggage. The fleece is warm and very pleasant to the skin. It provides excellent wearing comfort. It is also perfect as one of the layers at low temperatures. The advantage is the reinforced shoulders. Perfect for travel, camping, or mountain hiking. Add it to your day packing list!

camping on Dalton Highway


  1. This hoodie looks sooo cozy! I can just envision being all warm and comfy on an outdoor adventure or hike. Two things make it even better, in my opinion: the softshell shoulders to add extra comfort while carrying gear, and the zip-up pockets so you don’t lose anything important while on a trail or otherwise (which I am known to do…) I love that it’s breathable and washes well, too. Very cute but practical outerwear – just perfect!

  2. From your photos I can tell I will be warm in this hoodie! I like the sound of the fabric, we make things well in Italy 😀 Durability sounds good and it’s clearly a piece of clothing you can wear outdoors or even inside.

  3. The Kuhl Prism hoody looks really comfortable and warm. But above all I like the retro design! I found that fleece often takes to smells (like camp fire smoke) more than other fabrics. How would you rate the Kuhl hoody in this regard?

  4. This fleece hoodie appears to be very cozy and toasty to wear. The combination of khaki, blue, and grayish colors that Agnes chose is fantastic! I’m happy they had these features because the breathability, toughness, and ventilation of a jacket are crucial. Also, I really like how the hood fits the head so well!

  5. This looks like a great hoodie. I like the look of it, you can actually tell from the photos that the fleece material is so soft and cosy. I also like that the hoodie doesn’t come into your eyes – that’s my problem with most hoodies and jackets. As soon as you put the hoodie up, it falls over your eyes and no matter how many times you pull it back, it will still drop down.

  6. What an amazing hoodie, it comes in a variety of shapes and sizes. Impressive production. I would love to try it for a camping or a hiking trip. As you said it made for those occasions

  7. I like that it’s lightweight and feels cozy and soft inside. I also like the zippered pockets because I like to put my cell in the pocket. It’s kind of a hoodie I like to wear for a cool summer morning and evening.

  8. This looks so cozy and warm! I’m a big fan of hoodies and I usually have one in my car just in case. We live in a micro climate and you never know when you need one. We also love to visit mountains and the weather can be totally different there from home. Pockets are a must. And I also like the colour you chose because it goes well with the nature. I will definitely look this up next time I’m purchasing a hoodie.

  9. This is timely since I am actually planning to purchase a hoodie. Thank you for sharing your review. Happy to know that it’s lightweight yet super cozy. Will definitely check this out.

  10. The KUHL PRISM Hoody looks like another good piece of clothing for our outdoor adventures. Breathable is one of the most important things I would look for. But good pockets are important too. Great that there are 3 different versions to pick from. A good one for spring or fall.

  11. I’m looking for a new hoodie and this looks so light but warm too. Is it super soft? I love having hoodies as they layer easily and can pack them for trips easily.

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