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KUHL AMBUSH Cargo Shorts Review

If you are looking for highly breathable, quick-drying shorts for men for hours of hiking, and outdoor adventures, check out the KUHL AMBUSH Cargo Shorts Review. Well-designed, with plenty of pockets, they will be appreciated by any man.

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Chris Labanowski, co-founder of The Van Escape blog, is waring KUHL AMBUSH Cargo Shorts. He is at the rocks on the beach with the sea view and boat in the backdrop.

KUHL AMBUSH Cargo Shorts for Men – Introduction

For our summer trip to Alaska, my partner Chris needed a new pair of durable shorts for hours of hiking. He opted for the KUHL AMBUSH Cargo Short.

But the weather in Alaska did not spoil us. It rained almost every day and was chilly, so there was no reason to wear those men’s hiking shorts.

But we were prepared for the weather, as always. Chris also packed the Men’s SILENCR ROGUE KARGO PANT by KUHL and SPEKTER Full Zip Hoody.

So, the shorts had to wait a few more weeks. They worked perfectly in sunny Canada when we had the opportunity to explore Vancouver and hike on Vancouver Island. They also proved to be an excellent choice for our several-month vacation in Mexico, Yucatan.

There, they performed exceptionally well in a hot and humid climate. They are the perfect choice for jungle, beach, and urban exploration. Check out the features of the KUHL AMBUSH Cargo Short and the photos.

Chris Labanowski, co-founder of the Van Escape blog, is wearing KUHL AMBUSH Cargo Shorts. He is standing at the sandy beach ad admiring the blue sea.

KUHL AMBUSH Cargo Men’s Short – Specs at a Glance

 chart of AMBUSH Cargo Men’s Short - Specs at a Glance.

KUHL AMBUSH Cargo Shorts – Notable Features

  • 9 pockets: 2 front hand pockets, 2 back pockets, 2 zippered cargo pockets, 2 compartments in the right cargo pocket, 1 piggyback pocket in the left cargo pocket
  • The 9-pocked design provides ample storage for all your essentials
  • Freedom of movement
  • KÜHLair™ vent system which keeps you cool
  • Superior sun protection (UPF 50)
  • Lightweight
  • Durable
  • Quick-drying
  • Gusseted crotch
  • Waistband lined with soft micro chamois for unsurpassed comfort
Chris Labanowski, in a blue T-shirt, blue baseball cap, and olive AMBUSH Cargo shorts, walks on a sandy beach on the Caribbean Sea in Mexico.
Chris Labanowski, in a blue T-shirt, blue baseball cap, and olive AMBUSH Cargo shorts, walks on a sandy beach on the Caribbean Sea in Mexico.

Review of KUHL AMBUSH Cargo Shorts

Design and Versatility

AMBUSH Cargo Men’s Shorts by KÜHL has been designed for men who appreciate quality clothing, comfort, and outdoor adventure. It is made of highly breathable material and offers freedom of movement with the addition of stretch.

They do not restrict movement, so you can easily hike in them through the mountains or over rocks. At the same time, they do not stretch or deform. In addition, the durable fabric is lightweight and fits in any luggage. It dries quickly and does not absorb water. And probably the most important feature is the pockets. There are up to 9 of them, which means that all your essentials will fit during a trip or camping.

Those men’s shorts have a very modern look, so you can wear them both when hiking in the mountains, and they are perfect as casual shorts for work or going out for a beer with friends. You can relax in them on the paradise beach, or you can also fish in them.

Chris on a palm tree in KUHL AMBUSH Cargo Shorts.
Chris in KUHL AMBUSH Cargo Shorts in a water.

Comfort and Freedom of Movement

The shorts are made of exclusive ÜberKÜHL® STRETCH fabric. It is a combination of 68% Cotton, 29% Nylon, and 3% Spandex. The weight is 176 GSM. Thanks to this, the shorts do not restrict your movements, you can walk in the mountains, ride a bike or do various work in the garden.

The fabric is of very high quality and remains unchanged even after many washes. The fabric is also very comfortable for the body. Even after hours of hiking in high temperatures, there are no abrasions or redness of the skin on the thighs.

Chris hiking in KUHL AMBUSH Cargo Shorts.
Chris hiking in KUHL AMBUSH Cargo Shorts in Canada.

Venting and Breathability

These shorts for men are breathable and well-ventilated. You do not sweat in them at all. We decided to spend a few winter months in Yucatan, Mexico. The humidity is very high, it’s hot. We walk many miles along the beach every day. You do not sweat in the shorts. They are very breathable and comfortable to wear. After a splashy sea breeze, they also dry very quickly.

Lots of Pockets

One of the KUHL AMBUSH cargo shorts’ biggest advantages is the pockets —up to nine of them. They are also perfectly cut to store your essentials while camping or hiking. Two pockets have zippers, so you won’t lose your wallet or cell phone.
These shorts have 9 pockets: 2 on the front, 2 on the back, 2 zippered cargo pockets, 2 compartments in the right cargo pocket, and 1 piggyback pocket on the left cargo pocket.

Sun Protection

They are made of the exclusive ÜberKÜHL® STRETCH fabric, which is lightweight, quick-drying, and offers first-class comfort and protection (UPF 50) in sunlight. And it works! After walking on the beach for hours in intense sun and heat over 91°F, legs are not burned at all. No need to use sunscreen on the legs.

Chris in shorts by Kuhl on the sandy beach in Mexico with palm trees and blue water.

Dry Time and Water Resistance

The KUHL AMBUSH Cargo Men’s Short dries very quickly. Chris only had the opportunity to wear them once in Alaska because it was usually pretty chilly, so he wore long hiking pants by KUHL.

One time, he wore shorts for a hike, but we got caught in the heavy rain. The shorts repelled the water very well and dried very quickly. Now, the shorts are often splashed with sea water in Mexico as well and dry quickly. Also, there are no stains from the sea salt on them. They should be great for a fishing adventure.


Durability is also an important feature of these shorts. They are durable. They do not stretch or deform. Chris has worn them almost every day for three months now and they are still of excellent quality.

Colors and Size

KUHL AMBUSH Cargo Shorts for men are available in 7 colors. With so many color choices, you can wear them on many occasions. The available colors are Green Camo, Grey Camo, Carbon, Driftwood, Khaki, Gotham Grey, and Gun Metal.

Chris chose khaki, a muted pastel shade that remains unchanged even after many washes. Shorts do not just go well with sports shirts. Combine them with a men’s shirt and sneakers, as well. This will make them a great outfit suitable for a visit to a restaurant during the holidays.

You can choose from two inseams as well. Inseam 10 and Inseam 12 inches. The size is according to the size chart on the KUHL website.

Chris on the beach in Playa del Carmen.
Playa del Carmen in Mexico: Chris wearing shorts by Kuhl.

KUHL AMBUSH Cargo Shorts Review – Verdict

Kuhl’s men’s shorts are Chris’s favorite. They are worth having in your closet. They work well for any summer trip due to their innovative venting system. We especially recommend them for summer and high temperatures. The fabric is lightweight and very breathable. The shorts dry quickly and also offer UPF 50 sun protection.

Those shorts will be the perfect choice for tough and demanding hikes, such as the Havasu Falls hike in Arizona, Rattlesnake Arches hike in Colorado, or the Wave hike. It works great in Death Valley National Park, Great Sand Dunes National Park, or Monument Valley where temperatures are high.

KUHL AMBUSH Cargo Men’s Shorts offer a great fit, super high-quality fabric, and workmanship down to the smallest detail. The excellent fabric, buttons, and zippers are top-notch. The nine-pocket design is well thought out, making them comfy for camping and hiking, as all your essentials will have ample storage.

Those shorts offer a modern, great style and also functionality. If you combine shorts with a shirt and sneakers, the modern, stylish design will make you look good at work or on a date.

Review verdict - chart with points.

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  1. The Kühl Ambush Cargo shorts look very comfortable indeed. Personally I do not like hiking in shorts in general. But if it is very hot or you have to cross a lot of rivers they are a good solution. The Kühl Ambush Cargo shorts look stylish enough to wear them in the city. That is great, especially if you do not want to take to much luggage (like on a hiking trip).

  2. You convinced me the moment you said 9 pockets! That’s enough! In sunny & humid weather I can imagine those to be super comfortable. Good to know that it is lightweight and quick drying. Though you say they’re men’s shorts, they look pretty unisex to me and I wouldn’t mind buying one for myself!

  3. What an incredible t-shirt, it has several features that caught my attention. It dries fast and has ventilation that can cool you of in a sunny day. I do not remember encountering a t-shirt with those features. Plus, sun protection. KUHL AMBUSH Cargo Shorts might be the t-shirt I need for a sunny day and a rainy day.

  4. It sounds like this cargo short checks a lot of boxes- quick drying, multiple pockets, lightweight, UV protection, and more. It’s such a versatile short for travelling- whether it’s doing something adventurous, having a beach day or going into a town- this is a short that can fit all activities.

  5. Cargo shorts and pants are the best, especially for travelling. I love the extra pockets, even hidden ones! Pluus I’m really into that more casual vibe!

  6. My hubby wears cargo shorts all the time. He has been fairly fixed in his brands but I might convince him to try the KUHL Ambush men’s shorts. He definitely needs lots of pockets. And breathability is so important when the temperatures get high. He won’t admit it but I think having a little stretch is a good thing!

  7. Kuhl ambush cargo shorts are excellent out door shorts for men. It’s great that they are breathable, stretchable and quick drying. And they are available in so many cool colors. 9 pockets for storage sounds wonderful.I would highly recommend it!

  8. My husband would love these for hiking in the spring and summer. Especially with 9 pockets – always ends up loosing bits if he doesn’t have enough pockets and likes to have things on hand. I’d never heard of Kuhl before your posts. I need to check them out.

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