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A visit to California is a must for most people. In this sunny state, you will encounter beautiful scenery and endless opportunities for exploration. California is a huge mixture of completely different landscapes and offers many exciting activities. You can spend some time on the sunny beaches of the south or admire redwoods in the north. You can also visit exciting places like Los Angeles and San Francisco, eat delicious food and drink excellent wine in Napa Valley. Do not forget about parks like Yosemite or Death Valley. Your wildest imaginations may become a reality in this place, so get ready to be enchanted.


While we were visiting the state many times, we noticed it has different kinds of weather. It was usually lovely and not too hot or cold along the coast. Inland, it gets warmer in the summer and colder in the winter. Mountains have snow in the winter, so you can easily find a place for skiing. As mentioned in many songs, there’s lots of sun all year round. Whether you like beaches or hiking in parks, California’s weather is great for outdoor fun. Southern part feels like the Mediterranean, and the Sierra Nevada mountains are chilly. California has all kinds of weather for everyone.

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