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The Mission

The mission is to live a full life and enjoy the world. This blog was created to share our 15+ years of travel experience with you. We promise to post only our own experiences, reviews, tips, and photos (we do not use stock photos). If we have not been somewhere, we will not describe that place. Be sure you are reading real adventures and authentic stories.

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Who Are We?

We would like to tell you about us. We are Agnes & Chris – travel lovers who had the chance to meet and do more crazy things together. We are responsible for this website, and we own this website. We create all content on this page ourselves based on our experiences.

We not only have practical experience in traveling. More importantly, we also have professional preparation and work experience in this field.

Agnes is a travel content creator, SEO expert, and photographer. She has a degree in journalism and also a degree in tourism management. She writes all articles on our website and manages social media. She creates original travel and lifestyle content for other websites as a freelancer. Need some new original content? Please write to us!

Chris is an IT specialist and photographer. He has a Master’s degree in Information Technology and was the first web developer for the most popular polish newspaper gazeta.pl website in the mid-90s. All technical challenges on this website are resolved immediately by himself, and all new things are introduced with no hassle. Do you need help with your blog? Please write to us!

Actually, traveling and photography made us to be together and focus on common goals. We have already traveled to many countries such as Scotland, Romania, Hungary, Germany, Norway, Austria, Cuba, Mexico, Iceland, Italy, Switzerland, Argentina, Chile, and of course most of the United States and Canada. And more.

We love to travel in RVs and vans. Our longest RV trip across America, from Alaska to Florida, lasted over eight months. But we also like to sleep in tents at campgrounds. We do not avoid hotels. It all depends on the time, season, and budget available for a particular road trip. We look forward to sharing our experiences with you.

We love wildlife and living in harmony with nature. What’s more, we love hiking and backpacking through national parks. We focus on wildlife and landscape photography. We arrange each of our itineraries to see as many of the most exciting places as possible, at the best time of day to photograph them.

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What This Blog Can Do For You?

The Van Escape Project began in 2019 as a personal blog, a diary of our eight-plus month RV journey through North America. From there, we have evolved and the blog has become an inspirational travel blog full of helpful travel information based on personal recommendations and with our photos. We have started to describe the places we have visited in a very, very simple way that will be useful to you when planning your trip.

We also share a lot of practical information and tips about each place we visit. Some of our articles are focused on gear recommendations. We share reviews of products we use or have tried. We also share with you our packing lists. It’s important to pack the right items and clothing depending on the region and season. We have also created detailed, ready-to-use itineraries for you that are updated each season with current data from the region. If you need a more individual itinerary- contact us, we will try to help. You will also find our reviews of guided tours if we have purchased one. We also share opinions about hotels or campgrounds where we stayed. As photographers, we will also give you many photo tips about the best light to photograph a particular place or the best viewpoints.

Tips & Inspiration

Read through our best travel and inspirational articles that will inspire you to travel through North America.

Browse through our gear reviews as we recommend, test, and review different travel & photography gear.


Find our ready-to-go itineraries useful and build your customized plan based on the detailed information provided.

Why Follow Us?

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You can follow us if you like what we share. We publish new articles regularly, and each of them can be inspiring for some people. Of course, not all stories are for everyone, but we believe that everyone can find something useful for themselves. We are young bloggers because we just started in 2019. So be sure that this place will be very active and will develop quickly. It is crucial for us to provide up-to-date content, so we regularly review our old articles and publish updated versions. We want to be your trusted advisors for travel destinations across North America.