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KUHL SPEKTER Full Zip Hoody Review

Check out this KUHL SPEKTER Full Zip Hoody review and photos if you are looking for a casual hoodie for your favorite outdoor activities. Planning a trip to the mountains, trekking, camping or meeting up for a beer with friends? Check out how this full-zip hoodie from Kuhl works in various situations. We tested this hoodie in Alaska, and the weather did not spoil us. Was the hoodie warm and comfortable enough, or was it durable? Check below!

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Chris Labanowski, co-founder of The Van Escape blod in KUHL SPEKTER Full Zip Hoody with the lake and forest view.

KUHL MEN’S SPEKTER FULL ZIP HOODY – Introduction to Review

Packing for our last trip to Alaska was challenging because we wanted to reach the Arctic Ocean via the famous Dalton Highway. But we also wanted to return to southern Alaska, the Kenai Peninsula, and our favorite place, Homer. Looking at the map, you’ll see how great that distance is. But without opening the map, we will tell you it’s 1,073 miles from Homer Spit to Prudhoe Bay. Which means we had to be prepared for any weather.

Chris needed a light, soft, comfortable hoodie to protect against the morning and evening chill at the campsite. He needed a hoodie that would not restrict his movement when pitching a tent or lighting a fire. But at the same time, one that would also be useful when hiking in the mountains.

The necessary condition was also zippered pockets so small items essential for camping, such as a headlamp or lighter, would not get lost.

Chris chose the KÜHL SPEKTER ™ Full Zip Hoody for this summer expedition. Did the Kuhl Hoody survive Alaska? Did the SPEKTER Full Zip Hoody meet Chris’ requirements and withstand Alaska’s changeable weather? Is it worth adding to your closet? Read the review details below.

Chris Labanowski is sitting next to campfire and drinking a coffe, he is wearing KUHL SPEKTER Full Zip Hoody.

KUHL SPEKTER Full Zip Hoody – Notable Features

  • fool-zipper closure
  • modern and stylish look
  • fabric lighter, softer, and warmer than cotton
  • perfect weight for layering or stand-alone wear
  • zippered pockets for the safety of your small items
  • great designed KÜHL’s five-panel signature hood
  • thumb loops
  • versatility of using
Chris Labanowski in KUHL SPEKTER Full Zip Hoody is standing next to old truck and wooden house with inscription: Malemute Saloon, it's on Alaska.

KUHL SPEKTER Full Zip Hoody – Specs at a Glance

 SPEKTER Full Zip Hoody chart with details about the product.

KUHL SPEKTER Full Zip Hoody – Review

Design and Versatility

The SPEKTER Full Zip hoody by KÜHL has an attractive, modern, and fashionable design that makes it universal. It can be worn in many ways and on many occasions. It is practical when traveling, camping, in the mountains, or cycling. Combined with sneakers and jeans, it is the perfect casual hoodie for work or an evening out for drinks.

The well-designed hood deserves special attention. It is the characteristic KÜHL’s hood with five panels, which is very comfortable and protects well from the wind when walking. The hood surrounds the shape of the face nicely. The hood’s collar is high and fastened up to the chin.

But the soft material protects against possible scratching of the leather by the zipper. This high collar provides excellent protection against the wind.

The hoodie has two zippered pockets for secure storage of small items. It also features KÜHL’s signature thumb loops, which are very useful.

Chris in KUHL SPEKTER Full Zip Hoody next to campfire.


The advanced fabric used for the SPEKTER Full Zip hoody is 59% Polyester, 25% Cotton, 12% Lyocell, and 4% Elastane. The softness of the material deserves attention. It is enjoyable as the second skin but, at the same time, remains durable. Fabric is lighter and for sure warmer than cotton.

Warmthness and Wind Protection

This hoodie is crafted to the perfect weight for layering or stand-alone wear. The fabric is 270 GSM. It’s warmer than cotton and temperature-regulating for core comfort in various conditions.

Chris wore this hoodie over a regular T-shirt when it was warm or as one of the layers when the temperature was lower. In northern Alaska, even though it was August, the temperature was between 41°F and 50°F (5°C-10°C) during the day. It dropped to about 32°F (0°C) in the evening.

At the Arctic Ocean, the temperature was 33.8°F (1°C). The hoodie was worn as a layer under a windproof or down jacket on such cold days, depending on the conditions. The hoodie with a thermal shirt underneath will also work great at low temperatures.

The weather was more pleasant during our trip to one of the most remote national parks in the USA, the Gates of the Arctic National Park. The sun was shining, and the temperature was about 50°F (10°C). The hoodie was perfect for hiking in these conditions.

This is not a super warm hoodie. But the KUHL SPEKTER Full Zip Hoody was warm enough for an Alaskan summer. It is not windproof or waterproof resistant. It is not a technical hoodie for extremely windy conditions or freezing temperatures. But because the material is lighter (270 GSM) and breathable, the full-zip hoodie is excellent as a layer under jackets. It’s great for layering or stand-alone. It was much warmer during our trip in south Alaska, 60°F (16°C) on average, so the hoodie was used stand-alone.

Agnes Stabinska and Chris Labanowski, founders and owners of the Van Escape blog in hoodies by KUHL.
Agnes Stabinska and Chris Labanowski, founders and owners of the Van Escape blog in hoodies by KUHL.


The hoodie has two zippered pockets. Thanks to this, you can safely store small items such as keys, a phone, a headlamp, or a lighter. It also has two interior fabric pockets. Zipped pockets are handy during mountain hiking or camping.

Comfort and Freedom of Movement

The KUHL SPEKTER Full Zip Hoody is very comfortable. Its simple cut does not restrict the freedom of movement in any way. The material is pleasant to the skin. It has proven itself while hiking, setting up a tent, and lighting a fire. It also did not restrict your movements when preparing meals at the campsite or driving a car. When photographing landscapes or wildlife, it does not hinder your work in any way.

Chris Labanowski in hoodie by Kuhl on Alaska camping, next to tent.
Chris Labanowski in hoodie by Kuhl on Alaska camping, next to campfire.

Venting and Dry Time

The material of the KUHL SPEKTER Full Zip Hoody vents very well. It does not sweat, which is important, especially if it is to be a layer under a jacket on cold days. Unfortunately, the hoodie is not water resistant or quick-drying, but it has other advantages.

Therefore, in changing weather, especially in the mountains or in Alaska, where rain may surprise you at any time, it is worthwhile to pack something light and rainproof.


The hoodie is durable. It was worn almost every day on our Alaska adventure, and Chris still uses it. Chris has a weighty backpack with photography and hiking gear. Over 26.46 pounds (12 kg). The hoodie has no signs of abrasion despite wearing the backpack so much. The hoodie has also been washed, and the color and shape are unchanged.

Chris Labanowski is sitting in KUHL SPEKTER Full Zip Hoody at the picnic table and drinking a coffee.
Chris Labanowski is sitting in KUHL SPEKTER Full Zip Hoody.

Colors and Sizing

The SPEKTER Full Zip Hoody by Kuhl is available in 6 exciting colors. Chris chose Olive Grove to match KÜHL SILENCER ROGUE KARGO PANTS (reviews you can read in this article). It has turned out to be his favorite clothing set on this trip.

Other hoodie colors include Copper, Black, Carbon, Pirate Blue, and Cayenne. They are all exciting and allow you to wear a Kuhl full-zip hoodie in many ways. Whether you pair it with jeans or hiking pants, you can wear it on a date, hiking, or camping.
The hoodie is available in standard men’s sizes from S to XXXL and fits the size chart. Chris chose XL, and it fits him well.

Chris in hoodie in Gates of the Arctic National Park in Alaska.

How to wash KUHL SPEKTER Full Zip Hoody?

We have washed this full-zip hoodie by Kuhl many times because it’s become one of Chris’s favorites. The color stays fresh, and the material has not lost its quality and softness. The hoodie has not stretched. We wash it according to the manufacturer’s recommendations: in the washing machine cold, without fabric softener and bleach. We do not iron it, but it does not need ironing if washed cold and dried on low.

KUHL SPEKTER Full Zip Hoody – Verdict

The KUHL SPEKTER Full Zip Hoody is an excellent choice for everyday wear. It is helpful when you go to the city, walk in the forest, go to the mountains or go camping. It will protect you from morning or evening cold. It is suitable as a bottom layer on much colder days. As a stand-alone layer, it is ideal for dry climates, such as when traveling to the national parks of Arizona or Utah.

When traveling to rainier regions, such as Oregon, or Colorado, you’ll need to pack something extra to protect against rain. Kuhl’s hoodie has a perfect fit and is very comfortable. The fabric is soft and delicate on the skin and does not restrict movement. The hood fits perfectly and protects from the wind; the zippered pockets keep your small items safe. Highly recommended.

 SPEKTER Full Zip Hoody

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Chris in hoodie by Kuhl at the lake in Gates of the Arctic National Park.


  1. For cooler weather I find thumb holes a must. As a kid my wrists would get rubbed raw from snow because my sleeves slip up my arm. This seems like it would be comfortable as well.

  2. I’ve been looking for a travel related gift for my dad and this zip hoody sounds perfect. It’s great that it has a hood to keep him dry and warm. I also like that it’s durable, with so much wear he will be washing it a lot!

  3. The Kuhl Spekter Full Zip Hoody looks like a very useful item of outdoor clothing. Hoodies are great, because the hood keeps you warm when you need it and is not as itchy as a woolen cap might be sometimes. And with the current fashion it is stylish enough to wear it on a city day.

  4. I must admit that I spend much of the colder weather time in Canada in a hoody. So it was interesting to read more about the KUHL SPEKTER Full Zip Hoody. Especially something that works well in changeable weather. And I do like hoodies that zip up from the front. A quick drying hoodie would certainly be something we would take with us on hikes.

  5. This comfortable hoodie is ideal for wearing outside, whether you’re working, hiking, or just taking a stroll. It’s perfect for young adults to older folks, and I adore how stylish and contemporary it appears. This item offers all the qualities I’m looking for in a jacket: it’s warm, lightweight, strong, and includes zippered pockets. So, if I ever had the chance, I would want to get one!

  6. Kuhl Spekter full zip hoodie is an amazing outdoor wear for camping, hiking or cycling purpose. And it’s great that the hood fits perfectly with the face and protects from harsh winds. And available in 6 colors, highly durable with zipper pockets. And it’s well ventilated with different sizes. I would highly recommend it.

  7. This hoodie sounds perfect for a trip to different climate zones. Actually, it should be also great for the Canary Islands where they sometimes have 14 different microclimates in one single isle. While fashion-wise I do prefer classic cotton, it makes a full zip hoodie far too heavy and also dries really slowly. Hence this piece should be perfect. I still have a question: What do you need thumb loops for?

  8. I love hoodies! This one looks especially good with the quick-drying, flattering style, and the extended zipper. I’ve been on many a hike where I wished I could close the hood up as far as possible to keep me warm and protected from cold air. Thumb loops make it all the cozier. The neutral color shown is a plus, too – but I love that there are 6 colors to choose from. Added it to the wish list for my travel wardrobe!

  9. Wow, the KUHL SPEKTER Full Zip Hoody looks amazing on you. It is a perfect fit, and I could totally see why it is considered an outdoor jacket for both camping and hiking. The fabric used makes both comfortable and protection against sun radiation. Too bad, it is not waterproof.

  10. This is timely since I am looking for a hoodie for my husband. Happy to know that it works and is durable. Thank you for sharing your honest review. Love the 2 zippered pockets. Will check them out now.

  11. I love wearing hoodies. Covered all the points in such great detail. Durability is the most important aspect for me, and the KUHL SPEKTER hoody fits the bill. It sure seems like a great buy!

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