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10 Best Las Vegas Photo Shoot Locations

Check our 10 Best Las Vegas Photo Shoot Locations if you plan to visit this fabulous city! When you go to Las Vegas, usually, the reason is not to take pictures. But we treat Las Vegas not only as the capital of hazards in Nevada but also as a starting point to something more – Southwest travel and photography trips. Because Las Vegas is often on the way, why not check the Top 10 Places to Take Photos in Las Vegas? Las Vegas, like in fairy tales with thousands of colors, fountains, lights, and neons, is full of great photo spots. After many visits, we choose for you our favorite 10 best photo spots in Las Vegas.

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 One of the best Las Vegas Photo Shoot Locations: fountains view from Eiffel Tower Viewing Deck.

10 Best Las Vegas Shoot Locations – Our Experiences

We don’t know how often we’ve been to Las Vegas because we stopped counting after ten visits. This city is an excellent base for an Arizona road trip or a Utah road trip, so we visit it often.

Although my partner Chris and I do not like gambling, we are never bored in Vegas. We take cameras in hand and photograph the city or go to a concert or show for which Las Vegas is famous.
This article shows you our top 10 Best Photo Shoot Locations in Las Vegas. It’s our personal list, and we took all the pictures in this article.

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Bellagio and ceasars palace hotels las vegas by night.

Top 10 Places to Take Photos in Las Vegas – a quick overview

Our 10 Best Las Vegas Shoot Locations, which we describe in detail below, are:

  • Eiffel Tower Viewing Deck
  • Bellagio Hotel
  • The Strip
  • New York-New York Hotel
  • Paris Las Vegas
  • Mandalay Bay Hotel
  • The Venetian Hotel
  • The Strip and Flamingo Crossroads
  • Encore and Wynn
  • Neons of Las Vegas Streets
Paris hotel by night.
Eiffel Tower  and Paris Hotel by night one of the best Las Vegas Photo Shoot Locations.

1. The Best Las Vegas Photo Shoot Locations – Eiffel Tower Viewing Deck

The Viewing Deck of the Eiffel Tower is our favorite photo spot location in Las Vegas. It gives you a great perspective and view of the spectacular fountains in the Bellagio Hotel and Las Vegas Strip from above. You must have a ticket to get there, so book it ahead, as the place is trendy. Fortunately, the price is affordable, as the views make you speechless.

stunning fountains view from Eiffel Tower Viewing Deck.
stunning fountains view from Eiffel Tower Viewing Deck.
Stunning fountains view from Eiffel Tower Viewing Deck: blue water and cascades of fountains.

2. The Best Las Vegas Photo Shoot Locations – Bellagio Hotel

This hotel is probably the most overused photo spot in Las Vegas. But Bellagio Hotel deserves it. The fountain during the day or at night is still considered the most beautiful and sophisticated in the world.

And with accompanying music, there is like a concert. You can stand there forever, waiting for another and another song.

For a photographer, there are a couple of options for photographing the Bellagio Hotel with the fountains. The first is very classic—just stand in front of the hotel with an ultra-wide lens and tripod and capture a symmetrical frame.

Another idea is to capture a little bit of the Caesars Palace and have those two beauties in the frame.

bellagio fountains in las vegas by night.
Caesars Palace by night.

3. The Best Las Vegas Photo Shoot Locations – The Strip

The Strip is generally one of the best spots for Las Vegas photography. In the next part of the article, we will focus on more exact spots but do not underestimate this huge street. If you move to the MGM Grand/New York-New York and stand on the bridge just before sunset, you have a fantastic spot for a photo!

There is more like that in the city, wander for yourself and find what fits you. It will depend on the time of the day or even the year’s season because the light changes. Do not try it during the day because most of the year, it is too bright, and colors will be washed out.

Try mornings around sunrise, evenings before sunset, or even nights (with the tripod). You can think about long exposure to better show the dynamism of the street.

the strip view in las vegas at sunset
buildlings of New York-New York hotel.

4. Las Vegas Photo Shoot Locations – New York-New York Hotel

One of the most exciting hotels to photograph in Las Vegas is probably New York-New York. The hotel is not located in very tight buildings, so you have plenty of spots around to find the best one for shooting at the proper time of day when the light is excellent.

You can also focus on details—there are plenty of them (including the Brooklyn Bridge). It’s a good idea to wait for the roller coaster train and have it in the foreground. You will need an ultra-wide lens for this idea. You can try to find a frame from one of the bridges around the hotel—there are at least two—one to MGM Grand and the second to Excalibur.

A good idea to consider is using the water reflection around the Statue of Liberty. Everything depends on your creativity and imagination.

new york hotel in las vegas with statue of liberty at the front of hotel.

5. Las Vegas Photo Shoot Locations – Paris Las Vegas

This hotel is located exactly opposite the famous Bellagio. If you are slightly lazy, you can try photographing those two places at once. Paris Las Vegas Hotel is very characteristic due to its copy of the famous Eiffel Tower and Baloon.

Make sure to book your ticket to the Eiffel Tower Viewing Deck. The hotel itself looks like a high XIX-century building from France or another European city. Nothing particular, but the Eiffel Tower makes the deal. It’s so specific to Las Vegas that you can try to frame it from different locations.

As we mentioned, one of them is on the opposite side of the street, and it’s easy to frame the tower with trees. You can try to get to one of the top floors of Planet Hollywood and find a great perspective from above.

hotel paris las vegas with eifel tower during a sunny day.

6. Las Vegas Photo Shoot Locations – Mandalay Bay Hotel

One of the most beautiful hotels on The Strip is Mandalay Bay. It looks like a golden mountain shining in this color in the setting sun. Being surrounded by palms gives a lot of photo opportunities.

We recommend researching during the day to find the best spot for the afternoon. With such an approach, you will not lose valuable time later and can sit and wait for the perfect light.

mandalay bay hotel in las vegas during sunset.

7. Las Vegas Photo Shoot Locations – The Venetian Hotel

The Venetian is one of our favorite hotels to stay in Las Vegas. The interiors are classic, and you feel like you are staying in original Venice. But for photographers like you, there are many options as well. We were not very creative this time and left you plenty of ideas to use in your picture.

We recommend focusing on the front of the hotel, where there are gondolas and pristine clear blue water. There is a significant chance to take pictures that inexperienced people can be treated as if they were taken in Venice. If you don’t like this idea, you can try to photograph the architecture of the hotel itself, but you will need a really ultra-wide lens because buildings are very tight in this part of Las Vegas, and there is not too much distance to catch everything you want in the frame.

The other option is to use a crazy perspective with no parallel lines. For example, focus on one of the lanterns or fountain in front of The Venetian.

the venetian las vegas hotel photo shooting location
entrance to the Venetian Hotel by night.

8. The Strip and Flamingo Crossroads

There’s a lovely photo location on the crossroad of The Strip and Flamingo. You can view some of the most original hotels from the bridge, like Ballys, Paris, and Planet Hollywood. With a good tripod and little creativity at night, you try to catch cars turning at the crossroads.

Using long exposure, you can have light shafts (red and white) created by car lights. Try a couple of times to get the expected effect. Use the ultra-wide lens when possible to cover more buildings in the frame.

The Strip and Flamingo Crossroads by night.

9. Las Vegas Photo Shoot Locations – Encore and Wynn

In good light, those two hotels, Encore and Wynn, look like giant bars of gold in front of you, ready to pick up. There’s so much golden color that nothing else in the world doesn’t look more golden than those hotels.

Your only task is to find the best spot and wait for the beautiful light. And we must say that our favorite time to take pictures of those two hotels is just before sunset when everything is very goldy.

Encore Wynn hotels in las vegas during sunset.

10. Las Vegas Photo Shoot Locations – Neons

Las Vegas at night is so bright that it is visible from a very long distance. Among others, it is due to thousands of neons. So why do not photograph those neons at night? It’s great to wander the streets, look for the best neons, and take pictures. It’s a good idea to take a tripod with you.

Neons in Vegas by night.
Neons in Vegas by night.

Las Vegas Photo Shoot Locations – Halloween in Las Vegas

Las Vegas is a city of never-ending joy. It’s no different during a great Halloween Holiday. You can wander the streets of the town and look for funny-dressed people. There is more late afternoon than during the day. Try to focus on the Strip – there is the most popular destination for Halloween parties and the biggest crowd.

las vegas halloween
halloween in las vegas

Practical Photo Hints to photograph The Best Photo Locations in Las Vegas

You might be wondering how to prepare to photograph Las Vegas. The answer is easy. You will need your favorite camera with a preferably ultra-wide lens (16-35, 14-24, or something similar) and a good tripod (we use Sirui).

Besides that, you will need the plan. It’s good to plan your day correctly. We suggest walking a little bit during daylight and doing the research. Find the spots that are good for late afternoon, just before sunset, and after sunset (night shots). Of course, you must somehow manage communications between those spots.

We highly recommend taking a Hop-On Hop-Off Sightseeing Tour with Live Guides or Open-Top Panoramic Night Tour with Live Guide. The prices are affordable, and thanks to these trips, you will get acquainted with the best photo spots in Las Vegas and know where you want to return to take pictures.

If you are in Las Vegas and still have a spare day, maybe it’s a good idea to visit Arizona Natural Hot Springs?

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Las Vegas Photo Shoot Locations


  1. Las Vegas is such a unique, colourful and interesting place! I love those building, those neons and crazy people on the street 🙂 It is a great place to take photos at night for sure! You put here a great list of the biggest attractions of the city! Love it 

  2. Whenever I visit Vegas my head swivels so much that I fear I will break my neck.  There is so much to see and to photograph.  New York New York always makes me smile when I see the mini Statue of Liberty.  Catching the fountain show at the Bellagio has to be close to the top of my list.  The gondolas at the Venetian are no more romantic than the real ones in Venice.  But they make for a great photo op if you can find a spot with no people.  Such a fun spot to visit.

  3. Ahh this is so helpful! I’ve been to Vegas a few times but have always jsut kind of ‘winged it’ and my photos turned out ehhhh. I need to plan better and use these spots so I can have the traditional Vegas photos! Thank you

  4. I haven’t visited Las Vegas as yet.  There are so many photo opportunities to be had. Thanks for the practical photo hints about where to take the best photos. The hotels are really ‘out of this world’ aren’t they with their different designs?

  5. Macau has similar structures, replicas of iconic structures and places. The feeling of walking around these places is great! Imagine Paris and Venice experience in the same place. Great places to click pictures for memories.

  6. I have to say this, this is really a unique and helpful article. Its a unique way of highlighting the hotspots of Las Vegas, but at the same time. extremely helpful to the photographer, who wishes to get some amazing clicks during the vacation.

  7. Were you there during Halloween? I bet the strip was out of control on that weekend…hahahahah. We have been to Vegas a few times, but never to take pictures like you did….sounds like we might need to break out the SLR next time in town.

  8. I’ve been to Las Vegas many, many times over the years, so I’m very much aware of these perfect spots to take pictures of Las Vegas. Your pic in front of Bellagio is gorgeous!

  9. Yes, one should never leave Vegas without this beautiful and color photos. They’re just a lot of locations to choose from. For me, my favorites are The Venetian and Bellagio. 

    Thank you for sharing this list. Would love to visit each one of them in the future. 

  10. Great round-up of places and captures of some of these iconic spots. I especially liked photographing the Venetian – both inside and outside the hotel it reminded me of a little piece of Venice. Another great spot for photography is the neon sign museum.

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