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The Epic Oregon Road Trip Itinerary

This Oregon Road Trip Itinerary will help you live an epic and fabulous adventure through this glorious Pacific Northwest state. Mountains, waterfalls, river gorges, dense forests, a fairy-tale coast, wineries, hot springs, wonderful cities, ghost towns, and the USA’s deepest lake. Oregon impresses with its attractiveness and variety of landscapes. We show you must-see stops and things to do. Oregon is also a picture-perfect state, so we tell you the best photo spots to catch its wild natural beauty. We give you also hints on where to stay and what to pack. So, check our Epic Oregon Road Trip Itinerary with lots of tips and photos to prepare for an adventure.

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oregon road trip itinerary: photo collage with stunning scenery
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Oregon Road Trip Itinerary – Introduction

We fell in love with Oregon on our first visit and have been to it several times. We admire this state because of its incredible beauty and variety. Moreover, we love to photograph waterfalls, mountains, covered bridges, and original architecture in Oregon.

My partner Chris and I developed this itinerary based on our experiences and insights. We show you the places you should not miss during the Oregon Road Trip. All photos presented in this article we took during our several Oregon road trips.

How many days do I need for the Oregon Road Trip?

Oregon is beautiful, so the longer the road trip you plan, the better. Our itinerary includes a 10-day Oregon road trip that begins and ends in Portland. A 10-day Oregon road trip will allow you to enjoy this state, see its greatest attractions, and take great photos.

But at the end of this article, you will find tips on what to add to your itinerary if you have 14 days. We also tell you how to shorten this plan if you only have 7 days to travel and want to see as many places in Oregon as possible.

Below, you will find our plan at a glance. Later, each day is described in detail with the itineraries, road suggestions, driving time, the most interesting stops, and attractions. We assure you that you fall in love with this state after seeing these places and want to return to Oregon.

The Epic Oregon Road Trip Itinerary Overview

Day 1. Arriving at Portland and exploring Portland.
Day 2. Driving to Mount Hood and hiking in the Mount Hood area.
Day 3. Sightseeing of Shaniko Ghost Town and driving to Sisters.
Day 4. Exploring Sisters and Bend – Willamette National Forest area.
Day 5. Driving to Crater Lake National Park and Umpqua National Forest.
Day 6. Exploring Crater Lake National Park.
Day 7. Driving to Oregon Coast and Oregon Coast Road Trip.
Day 8. Oregon Coast Rod Trip – exploring Oregon Coast.
Day 9. Exploring Oregon Coast and return to Portland.
Day 10. Exploring Portland and Columbia River Gorge/Multnomah Falls.

Crater lake national park in Oregon.
oregon road trip - Agnes Stabinska, the author is soaking in umpqua hot springs
oregon road trip itinerary - Multnomah Falls

What Should You Know About Oregon Before You Go On A Road Trip?

  • Oregon is a state where you refuel your car without leaving it. At the gas station, you are served by a gas station employee. Refueling by yourself in Oregon carries a fine of up to $500. It’s similar only in New Jersey. It is worth remembering this when planning your Oregon road trip. This rule does not only apply to motorcyclists.
  • There is no sales tax in Oregon. Therefore, it is a state worth visiting, if only for shopping. Oregon is one of only five states (alongside New Hampshire, Montana, Delaware, and Alaska) where the price you see on the product is what you pay at the checkout. So, it’s worth shopping in Oregon. The best shopping in Portland.

What is the best time for Oregon Road Trip?

Oregon is attractive all year round. It all depends on your favorite outdoor activities and the way you travel. But this Oregon road trip itinerary is fully usable during the summer and fall months from May to the end of October.

Some of the recommended places to visit are inaccessible in winter due to closed roads. However, we tell you which roads are closed in winter so that you can also adapt your itinerary to the winter months.

Summer and Fall are also the best months for all our suggested activities. Pleasant weather enables longer hikes in the fresh air. The days are also long, so you will see more places and drive longer distances.

However, most tourists will certainly be in the high season in July and August. Therefore, if you are going during these months, we suggest that you start your sightseeing in the morning to avoid the crowds.

Oregon Road Trip Map

Please, take a paper map for your Oregon road trip. You will need it. Believe us, very often, there is no phone coverage, and you must use the traditional map. We love modern apps, but they have become useless in places like mountains, deep forests, and challenging hikes. So, a paper map is best when no cell service exists.

We use Benchmark Oregon Road & Recreation Atlas. It is very informative and detailed. Thanks to this atlas, our trips were more interesting, as we could quickly learn what was nearby and plan our route. It’s also a useful alternative to GPS maps when traveling.

Where to stay during the Oregon Road Trip?

It all depends on your needs, travel style, and budget. We traveled both by car and slept in lodges/hotels and by an RV, and stayed at campsites. Therefore, we recommend specific lodging options for each day of the trip—only those we checked and were satisfied with—hotels and RV campgrounds for each location.

But no matter what you decide, book your accommodation well in advance.

If you plan camping in Oregon, check our Car Camping Checklist.

What to pack for the Oregon Road Trip?

Our journey leads through the mountains, dense forests, waterfalls, hot springs, and heavenly beaches, so you should pack properly. Oregon’s climate is temperate but fairly humid, with frequent rainfall. The humidity is felt in the mountains and forests, so always be ready for rain.

Please check our detailed Day Hiking Packing List to see what to pack for hiking trails.

Furthermore, check our Road Trip Packing List Essentials to make your Oregon Road Trip safe and comfortable.

stunning Mt Hood and city of Portland view from the hill.

Day 1 Oregon Road Trip Itinerary:
Arriving in Portland and exploring Portland

Arriving in Portland

Our Oregon road trip begins in the capital of the state – Portland. The city has an international airport, so it’s the most convenient way to get there. You can rent a car from the rental located at the airport.

Lodging in Portland

For this Oregon road trip itinerary, we recommend you book 2 nights in Portland – the first and the last. Of course, you can modify the plan to your needs.

During our few trips, we stayed in the Courtyard by Marriott Portland City Center. We really enjoyed staying here. Our room was clean, and it had a lot of space, the service was great.

We also stayed in the Mark Spencer Hotel, which is fabulous, in the city’s heart. But check below on the Deals finder the best offers.

During the last trip with the motorhome, we stopped at Portland Fairview RV Park.


Sightseeing Portland

Portland is a delightful city, so we’ve put together a detailed Portland Itinerary. What do we suggest you see during the day after your arrival? Start from Downtown Portland and the river waterfront loop. It’s a 2.6-mile loop that runs right along the Willamette.

There are 12 fabulous bridges over the Willamette River. If you have time, visit Portland Japanese Garden and go to the Pittock Mansion situated 1,000 feet above the city.

bridges in Portland by night.
Portland Japanese Garden

Day 2 Oregon Road Trip Itinerary:
Driving to Mount Hood and hiking in the Mount Hood area

Drive to Timberline Lodge & Mount Hood

Take US-26 W and drive to the Mount Hood area. The drive will take you about 2 hours, and it is a scenic route.

Lodging in the Mt Hood area

We suggest 1 night in the Mount Hood area in this Oregon Road Trip Itinerary.

Timberline Lodge is a historic beauty hotel near the magnificent Mount Hood. Moreover, the psychological horror “The Shining” from 1980, directed by Stanley Kubrick, was shot at the Timberline Lodge. You can check our photos from this fabulous and thrilling filming location here. If you can, stay overnight at Timberline Lodge. If the place is busy, choose one of the nearby accommodations. Nearby are Best Western Mt. Hood Inn, The Mt. Hood Oregon Resort.

Hiking in the Mount Hood area

the view of Mount Hood area from Timberline lodge.

No matter where you stay for the night, head to Timberline Lodge and see this fabulous scenery. Moreover, they have great restaurants where you can have lunch or dinner. Finally, the Timberline Lodge parking lot provides access to many trails on the flanks of Mount Hood. So, you can choose one or two hikes in Mount Hood National Forest.

  • Mountaineer Trail Loop Hike is a great hike because there is such an easy road that goes so high on the mountain. The distance is 2.7 miles. The easiest hiking opportunity is to stroll in any direction you feel like.
  • Zigzag Overlook Hike is also easy to hike. The distance is 4.4 miles. You will see the alpine areas of Mount Hood’s south side. You’ll pass alpine and subalpine meadows to reach an overlook over the deeply gouged Zigzag River Canyon, with the craggy ramparts of Mount Hood above.
  • Paradise Park from Timberline Lodge Hike is a longer but fabulous hike. The distance is 12.1 miles, and it isn’t easy. Is a classic mountain trek. In addition to the mountain vistas and wildflowers, the route passes several waterfalls and offers unique views of the high country south and west of Mount Hood.

Day 3 Oregon Road Trip Itinerary:
Sightseeing of Shaniko Ghost Town and driving to Sisters

Drive to Shaniko Ghost Town and explore it

From Mt Hood, take OR-216 and in Maupin, take Bakeoven Road. It’s about 77 miles and 1 hour 45 minutes driving to Shaniko. You need about 2-3 hours to explore Shaniko. From 1903 Shaniko gained the nickname “Wool Capital of the World.” 

You will find an old railway station, antique items, and wooden architecture from over 100 years ago. The town has an amazing history. You can read more about it and check more our photos in our post-Shaniko Ghost Town.

historic buildling of Shaniko Hotel.
Agnes Stabinska, the author and co-founder of The Van Escape blog in Shaniko Ghost town during Oregon road trip.

Drive to Sisters

From Shaniko, take US-97 S and OR-126 W to Sisters. It’s 84 miles and about 1 hour and 40 minutes driving.

Sisters is a fabulous town, surrounded by mountains and forests. We detailed described its attractions in post Things to do in Sisters.

We also described interesting routes in the area there. Situated in the foothills of Oregon’s Cascade Range, Sisters and Bend are perfect for holidays. Moreover, it’s a great idea to spend here also winter vacation if you like skiing.

Lodging in Sisters or Bend

We suggest 2 nights at Sisters during your Oregon Road Trip. The area is fabulous. However, it might be difficult to stay overnight in the summer. Therefore it is also worth considering the nearby Bend. It’s about 25 minutes from Sisters. It is a larger city and has a well-developed accommodation and catering base. It’s worth visiting Bend for sure.

Sisters in Oregon.

Best Western Sisters Oregon is our favorite one. It is a small, charming Ponderosa Lodge with 48 oversized guest rooms renovated in a country theme. Tasty breakfasts and friendly service. 

If you need RV camping, the best RV park in the area is Bend / Sisters Garden RV Resort. But you have to book it well in advance. It’s closest to the Sisters, located in a beautiful setting, and it’s hard to get a spot, especially in high season.

Hotel rates in Bend are much more affordable than in Sisters, so consider this place for optimizing your holiday budget.


Day 4 Oregon Road Trip Itinerary:
Exploring Sisters and Bend – Willamette National Forest area

We suggest you actively explore the Willamette National Forest area on this day. Below are three of our favorite hikes. They are not long, so it is possible to make them in one day. Or you can choose the ones that suit you best. Prepare some more snacks and lunch.

Sunrise or early morning hike at Sparks Lake

Sparks Lake is 49 miles and an hour’s drive from Sisters. You have to drive through Bend. So, take US-20 E to Bend and turn onto Cascade Lakes National Scenic Byway. The scenery is breathtaking. If you like sunrises – they look fabulous in this place. But you can also go there during the day for a walk. This road may be closed in winter.

Sparks Lake near Sisters during sunrise.

Proxy Falls Hike & McKenzie Pass Scenic Byway

stunning cascade of waterfall during Proxy Falls Hike.

Proxy Falls, AKA Lower Proxy Falls, is a dazzling cascade waterfall hidden in the Three Sisters Wilderness. It’s near McKenzie Pass and McKenzie River in the Willamette National Forest. From Sisters, it is only 28 miles and approximately 50 minutes drive via OR-242 W. For more photos and tips, see our Proxy Falls Hike post.
The best idea is to combine this hike with The McKenzie Pass-Santiam Pass Scenic Byway. Oregon Route 242, known as a portion of the McKenzie Highway, takes you on a journey through a land of contrasts. You’ll encounter lush forests, crystal-clear lakes, and lava fields on the west side of the Cascades. Stop at the Dee Wright Observatory. In our opinion, Route 242 is one of the most scenics, so it’s a must in Oregon Road Trip Itinerary. This road is closed in winter.

Tamolitch Blue Pool Hike

Tamolitch Falls, also known as Blue Pool due to its amazing blue color of the water, is a popular hiking spot in Willamette National Forest, Oregon. The deep turquoise and stunning clarity of the Blue Pool make this place unforgettable. The approximate hike time is 1 hour and 30 minutes one way. From Sisters stay on US-20 West. Then turn onto OR-126 E for 10.8 miles. Turn right at a sign for Trailbridge Campground/Blue Pool. You must cross a bridge and turn right onto gravel road NF-730. After about a third of a mile, park along the right side of the road.

Agnes Stabinska, the author, admiring the view of Tamolitch Blue Pool during Oregon road trip.

Day 5 Oregon Road Trip Itinerary:
Driving to Crater Lake National Park via Umpqua Hot Springs

Saok in Umpqua Hot Springs

From Sisters is 115 miles and 2 hours 15 minutes driving via US-97 N to Crater Lake National Park. But we suggest you take a bit off course and soak into one of Oregon’s best hot springs – Umpqua Hot Springs.

Agnes Stabinska, the author is soaking in Umpqua Hot Springs in Oregon.

So if you like hot springs, take from Sisters US-97 S and OR-138 W to get to Umpqua Hot Springs. It’s 2 hours 45 min driving (143 miles). They are located in Umpqua National Forest. This set of 7 geothermal pools sits right on the edge of a rock face, spilling 108-degree water into the North Umpqua River below. The view is breathtaking. There is a short hike to get to the hot springs. It should take you 20 minutes to get to the pools. For more photos, hike & trailhead descriptions, hot springs etiquette, you can check in our Ultimate Guide to Umpqua Hot Springs in Oregon.

Driving to Crater Lake National Park and Lodging option in the area

The Oregon road trip itinerary would not be complete without a visit to a fairy-tale volcanic Crater Lake. You are less than an hour’s drive to Crater Lake National Park from the hot springs, depending on where you are staying. Try to reach the sunset because they are spectacular above Crater Lake. It is the only national park in Oregon. Moreover, it is the deepest lake in the USA with the clearest and bluest water in America. We prepared a detailed guide to this place with tips, so read Top Things To Do in Crater Lake National Park.

If you plan your Oregon road trip in May or the beginning of June, check the weather on the NPS website. Sometimes in May, there is still a lot of snow. You can visit the park, but some roads might be closed.

Lodging option

We suggest 2 nights at the Crater Lake NP area.
Crater Lake Lodge is a historical lodge inside the Park. Unfortunately, it’s not easy to book it. It’s pretty expensive. Moreover, it’s open only from May – September, filling up guests quickly.

But Chiloquin is only 8.5 miles from Crater Lake National Park, so check accommodation there. 

If you are looking for a campground Diamond Lake Resort & RV Park is a great place to relax. It’s only 4 miles to Crater Lake park entrance, so the location is perfect. Book in advance.

But if you plan a winter trip, 1 night in Crater Lake should be enough because some roads and trails are closed. So, 1 day for sightseeing in winter will be optimal.

Sunset at Crater Lake and Crater Lake Rim Scenic Drive

Crater Lake looks great before and just after sunset. The light is the warmest then. The water surface is flickering. The historic Crater Lake Rim Drive is a 33-mile (53-km) long road, which offers breathtaking and panoramic vistas of the lake, forests, and meadows. Along the way, there are 30 overlooks with ample car parking, which provide opportunities to stop for views, admire it, relax, taking photos.

stunning view of Crater Lake National Park during sunset.

Day 6 Oregon Road Trip Itinerary:
Exploring Crater Lake National Park

Crater lake national park during sunny day.

On this day of the Oregon Road Trip Itinerary, we focus on exploring Crater Lake National Park’s beauty. If you can do it, get up for the sunrise. The view is worth your effort. Have a picnic at one of the viewpoints. Take one or two trails. We describe 7 Best Day Hikes in Crater Lake National Park from easy to strenuous here. It’s worth visiting Rim Village Visitor Center and Crater Lake Lodge.

Day 7 Oregon Road Trip Itinerary:
Driving to Oregon Coast and Exploring Oregon Coast

From this day, we start the Oregon coast road trip itinerary. The coast of Oregon is very varied. Rocky, sandy, covered with dense forests, often shrouded in fog. Look carefully and you will see seals or sea lions basking on the rocks. Moreover, you can encounter coyotes, roe deer, and deer on the slopes of rocks and in coastal forests. As well as gulls, hawks and other birds.

Oregon Coast: sea lions basking on the rocks.

Drive to Oregon Coast

Start driving early in the morning. You have almost a 4 1/2 hours drive to the Oregon coast.

Stop at the Girardet Vineyards

If you have more time and are a wine lover, you can change the route a bit and make a short stop on the way to the coast. You can stop at Tenmile in Girardet Winery and Wine Cellar. The place is unique. You will not only taste and buy excellent wines here, but you will also meet wonderful people who create this winery with a passion.

Moreover, if you have more time for your Oregon Road Trip, consider staying in their fabulous Chardonnay Chalet at the Vineyard. The address of Girardet Winery is 895 Reston Road, Roseburg, OR 97471. From Crater Lake, drive via OR-62 W to get there. It’s 119 miles and 2 hours 30 minutes driving. They are open Wednesday-Sunday from 11 a.m. – 5 p.m., year-round. Moreover, they are RV friendly and Family & Pet Friendly.

Agnes Stabinska, the author, is with the owners of the girardet vineyards in Oregon.
 girardet vineyards in Oregon
Girardet vineyards: Chris Labanowski with the owner of the winery.

Stop at the Cape Blanco Lighthouse

Cape Blanco Lighthouse is the first fabulous stop at the coast in this Oregon Road Trip itinerary. To get there directly from the Crater Lake NP, take OR-42 E and OR-138 E. It’s 205 miles and 4 hours 20 minutes driving. If you are going from Girardet Winery, take OR-42 W and US-101 S. It’s 90 miles and 2 hours of driving.

Drive to Cape Arago Lighthouse and lodging

The next stop is at Cape Arago Lighthouse. It’s 53 miles and a 1 hour 15 minutes drive from Cape Blanco. Take the US – 101 N. Cape Arago is stunning to get there. Therefore, we suggest accommodation in this area. So, Book 1 night here.

If you are traveling by RV, book an advance spot in Sunset Bay State Park.

sunset over Oregon coast.
oregon road trip itinerary: coastal view.

Exploring Cape Arago

We like this place because, in a small area, you have as many as three great state parks offering stunning views of the Oregon Coast.

So, start this afternoon and evening by visiting each of these parks and taking at least a short walk along the coast. Wait for the sunset.

sunset from state park in oregon.
oregon state parks.

Day 8 Oregon Road Trip Itinerary:
Oregon Coast Rod Trip – exploring Oregon Coast

It’s another intense day exploring the Oregon coast and a lot of driving. Therefore, start your day early. Pack some snacks for the road.

Drive and stop at Umpqua River Lighthouse

The next interesting stop we suggest doing in our Oregon road trip itinerary is Umpqua River Lighthouse. It’s 45 minutes (32 miles) from Cape Arago via Cape Arago Hwy and US-101 N.

Stop at Heceta Head Lighthouse Scenic Viewpoints

From Umpqua River, take US-101 N and drive about 40 miles (55 minutes) to the next scenic viewpoint: Heceta Head Lighthouse.

Stop at Rockaway Beach

Next stop during this Oregon Coast road trip plan at Rockaway Beach. It’s 122 miles and about 2 hours and 45 minutes driving via Oregon Coast Hwy.

wildlife oregon
wildlife oregon
wildlife oregon

Sunset at Cannon Beach and lodging

Rockaway Beach is just a 40-minute drive and 26 miles from Oregon’s famous Cannon Beach. Try to get there at sunset.

We suggest booking 1 night in this beautiful area. If you are looking for something special, you can choose one of the exclusive beachfront hotels as Surfsand Resort or Hallmark Resort.

If you’re traveling in a motorhome, a great place to spend the night is Cannon Beach RV Resort. Book it in advance. A great choice is also Seaside RV Resort.

oregon wildlife
oregon wildlife

oregon road trip itinerary

Day 9 Oregon Road Trip Itinerary:
Exploring Oregon Coast and returning to Portland

This is the penultimate day of our Oregon Road Trip Itinerary. We suggest you focus on the rest of the Oregon coast. You can stay in Cannon Beach and relax on the beach. Except for Cannon Beach is worth visiting Ecola State Park and taking Clatsop Loop Trail to see Tillamook Rock Lighthouse.

Or you can continue to go north. You can drive to Lewis and Clark National Historical Park and Astoria (it’s about 40 minutes from Cannon Beach). If you decide to go through Astoria, visit Astoria Pier and Marina, Cathedral Tree Trail, and Astoria-Megler Bridge.

Moreover, you can check Goonies’ film locations. And then, from Astoria, drive via US-30 E and I-5 S and return to Portland. It’s 105 miles and 2 hours of driving.

If you have more time, you can go shopping in Portland. Remember that there is no sales tax in the state of Oregon, so it’s worth shopping here. It is much cheaper. For more things to do, you can check in our detailed 3 days in Portland Itinerary.

oregon sunset

Day 10 Oregon Road Trip Itinerary:
Exploring Portland and Columbia River Gorge/Multnomah Falls

cascad of water from Multnomah Falls.

We don’t know how much time you have on the last day of your Oregon road trip, so modify it according to your needs. If you do not have too much time on day 10, transfer your visit to Multnomah Falls and Columbia River George to day 9 or 1 of the Oregon Road Trip Itinerary.

Multnomah Falls is an icon of the Pacific Northwest. So, it’s worth your visit. It’s only 40 minute drive from Portland. More photos, tips, and directions we described in a separate article about Multnomah Falls and Columbia River Gorge.

How to shorten this Oregon Road Trip Itinerary to 7 days?

If you only have 7 days for your Oregon road trip and you would like to see all the places we write about, we suggest the following solution. Book 1 instead of 2 nights in Sisters / Bend. Remove Tamolitch Blue Pool Hike from the plan. Book 1 instead of 2 nights at Crater Lake NP. Make only a scenic drive loop and stop at the park’s best viewpoints. Finally, shorten your stay on the Oregon coast.

How to extend this Oregon Road Trip Itinerary to 14 days?

If you have 14 days for your Oregon Road Trip, you can, of course, spend more time in each place we describe. Depending on your preferences, you can spend more time in the mountains or at the seaside.

Add to your Oregon Road Trip Itinerary Alvord Desert and Hot Springs

But you can also visit other interesting places. One of our favorites we suggest adding to your Oregon road trip itinerary is Alvord Desert with Alvord Desert Hot Springs and Crystal Crane Hot Springs.

If you want to see the desert and desert hot springs, adding them to your Oregon road trip itinerary is best after visiting Sisters and Bend. So, take US-20 E and OR-78 E to get there. It’s about 260 miles and 4,5 hours of driving.

Agnes Stabinska, the author, on the road to Alvord Desert.
Crystal Crane Hot Springs.

Add to your Oregon Road Trip Itinerary Covered Bridges of Oregon

Another option is adding some covered bridges to your Oregon road trip itinerary. We have described the most beautiful Oregon-covered bridges. It’s best to add them to your Oregon Road Trip Itinerary on your way to Crater Lake NP. Detailed GPS coordinates you will in our post.

We hope this article helped you plan your Oregon Road Trip.
If you like our Oregon Road Trip Itinerary, please share it!
We wish you a fabulous Oregon adventure!

covered bridges in Oregoon.
Agnes Stabinska, the author, on the Oregon covered bridges.
Oregon Road Trip: brighe in Portland after sunset.

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