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Crystal Crane Hot Springs Reviews & Guide

If you are looking for a hot spring resort in Oregon, one of the most excellent and fabulous places to relax is Crystal Crane Hot Springs, AKA Crane Hot Springs, near Burns. You can immerse yourself in the rustic hot spring pond or private bathhouses. Moreover, you can stay overnight at the RV campground, tent camping, or in the climatic cabin. Furthermore, you can rent an idyllic Crystal Crane Hot Springs Teepee with a private soaking tub. So, check our Crystal Crane Hot Springs Reviews & Guide to know what to expect and how to prepare for your hot springs adventure.

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Crystal Crane Hot Springs - view of pools and surronding fields from dron.

What is Crane Hot Springs?

If you read our previous posts, you already know that we are fans of hot springs. My partner Chris and I love soaking and relaxing in hot springs. During one of our road trips through Oregon, we visited Crystal Crane Hot Springs. So, we share our own experiences, tips, and photos taken during this visit.

And Oregon is full of unique natural hot springs. We have described detailed guides on Umpqua Hot Springs and Alvord Hot Springs in the Alvord Desert in Oregon.

Crystal Crane Hot Springs is another source of mineral hot water in the arid desert of southeast Oregon. This hot spring is slightly different. It includes a large swimming pond and private soaking tubs. Moreover, you have a variety of accommodations to choose from, including a glamping teepee.

The place charmed us with its atmosphere and coziness. Water temperatures are dependable on the outdoor temperature but usually vary between 97°F (36°C) and 103°F (39°C).

Crane Hot Springs is just one of many places to soak in eastern Oregon, but it’s one of the few that offers an amenity for travelers, making it unique.

Crystal Crane’s motto is, “It’s about the water.” 

Soaking in mineral springs is more than relaxation. It affects physical, mental, and emotional well-being. If you feel tired, stressed, or overwhelmed, you will get better after soaking in hot springs.

Crystal Crane Hot Springs is filled with minerals such as calcium, sodium, magnesium, silicate, potassium, iron, etc. Soaking in mineral springs is perfect for your health, body, and smooth skin.

Agnes Stabinska, the author, is soaking in Crystal Crane Hot Springs, she is wearing black swimsuit.

Where is Crystal Crane Hot Springs?

In the middle of nowhere, amidst the sagebrush, on the barren landscape is a magical oasis of natural hot springs. It is located in the sparsely populated Eastern part of Oregon, in Harney County, at the gateway to the Steens Mountains. The nearest town is small Crane, 4 miles away, and little bigger Burns, 25 miles away.

The address is 59315 OR-78, Burns, OR 97720.
Open 365 days a year except for Thanksgiving and Christmas, 9 am – 9 pm.

Crystal Crane Hot Springs Directions

  • From Burns, the road is easy and will take about 25 minutes. It’s 25 miles. Take Steens Hwy; it’s OR-78 E. There is a sign to Crane Hot Springs. Your destination will be on the left.
  • From Bend is 156 miles via US-20 E. The road will take you about 2 hours and 30 minutes. You need to get to Burns and then drive OR-78 E.
  • From Boise (Idaho), it’s 185 miles via I-84 W and US-20 W, or about 3 hours of driving. For 165 miles, follow I-84 W and US-20 W to Crane-Buchanan Road in Harney County. Then turn left onto Crane-Buchanan Rd and continue 20 miles to the Crystal Crane Hot Springs.

Crane Hot Springs History

As you can read on the Crane Hot Springs website, this place is almost 100 years old. In the 1920s, there were three hot springs here.

Because water from natural hot springs is therapeutic and relaxing, a local doctor and entrepreneurs founded a resort with a hot spring swimming pool. The water was so hot (180 degrees F) that they had to wait for days to cool it. In the beginning, the name of the resort was “C Hot Springs and I.”

Unfortunately, a fire around 1930 destroyed the dance hall and restaurant. New owners gave a new name to the resort. The name was “Crane Hot Springs,” then “Crystal Crane Hot Springs.” In 2019 was a return to the phrase “Crane Hot Springs.” So, now the name Crane Hot Springs is used to eliminate confusion with Crystal Hot Springs in northern Utah.

The owners have been Dan and Denise Kryger since 1997. They built the cedar-enclosed bathhouses, dug out the almost 7-ft deep hot spring pond, upgraded the RV facilities, renovated the motel and cabins, and completed various other improvements.

The Crane Hot Springs resort has an enjoyable and friendly atmosphere. The service is at the highest level, making you want to stay here for more than one night. The resort offers warm memories for families and a romantic stay for couples. Moreover, the place is pet-friendly.

Drone view of Crystal Crane Hot Springs: large swimming pool with hot water and wooden huts along the pool that can be rented for the night.

Soaking Pools at Crystal Crane Hot Springs

Hot Springs Pond

There is a large open-air public pond. Hot Springs Pond is perfect for swimming and relaxing. The area of the pond is 9728 square feet, and 7′ deep in the center. The average water temperature is around 101 degrees F.

So, Crane Hot Springs is the perfect place to visit any time of year. In the morning and the evening, mists rise above the water, giving this place a fairy-tale atmosphere. A swimsuit is obligatory. There are also changing cabins by the pond and hooks where you can hang a towel. So, take a quick-drying towel, because the humidity is significant.

It’s open day and night to overnight guests, but you can also purchase a day pass to soak in the pond.

Day Use Outdoor Pond costs $15.00 per Adult person/per 4 hours.
Kids 5 to 12 years – $5.00 per person/per 4 hours.
All fees you can check on the official website.

Private Soaking Tubs

You can also rent private bathhouses and soak up the healing minerals in private tubs. Each of the Private Soaking Tubs has a beautiful, cedar-enclosed soaking tub that comes with a bench area to change, and a freshly cleaned bath with a natural hot water tap that can be filled to the temperature you desire.

Private Soaking Tubs cost $15.00 per person/per hour.

Chris Labanowski, co-founder of the VanEscape blog, is swimming in the Hot Springs Pond.
hot springs pond.

Variety of Accommodations

Regardless of whether you are planning a romantic weekend or a family holiday with kids, you will find several accommodation options to choose from. But this is not an exclusive spa. The cabins are simple, and rustic but cozy. Most of all, the service provides a great atmosphere.

Serenity all around, the immensity of the area, soaking in the pond make that no more comfort is needed. It’s worth staying here for the night. And we hope to be back there one day. If you have a tent, you can pitch it to the tent campsite.

If you stay overnight, you have access to the kitchen and common room also. The commons room features couches, free wi-fi, books, games, and cable TV. Crystal Crane’s camp kitchen comes complete with a stove, fridge, microwave, sink, and utensils.

The showers and bathrooms are clean and pleasant. There are fire pits and picnic tables in the camping area.

Crystal Crane Hot Springs Teepee

If you are looking for unusual and luxurious lodging, maybe for a romantic night, you can stay at the private Crystal Crane Hot Springs Teepee. It costs around $200 per night. Book it directly on their website.

Teepee has a private patio and a soaking tub. 2 of the teepees have their private enclosure complete with a soaking tub and fire pit. The third teepee has a soaking tub right in the middle of the teepee.
If you like glamping, you can also choose authentic Sheep Herders Wagon native to the area dating back to the 1930s.

Agnes Stabinska, the author, is soaking in hot ponds.

Crystal Crane Hot Springs Cabins

You have several accommodation options in cabins. They are simple but comfortable and atmospheric. One of the options is a bunkhouse with a private bath. Another option is waterfront cabins close to the pond, located next to the shower and bathroom facilities.

The other option is the 5th wheel camper, which you can rent, with 1 Queen bed and a couch that pulls out into a double bed. There is also a three-bedroom Ranch House, perfect for families.

Prices vary depending on your choice. They start at $ 99 for a room in Sage Inn without a bathroom. Check the details on the official website.

So check the possibilities best suit your needs at the Crane Hot Springs or call (541) 493-2312

Crystal Crane Hot Springs RV Park

There are ten RV sites, and all have access to the hot springs pond from check-in until check-out. They have water, hookups, and sewer. Access to showers and bathrooms is provided. The cost is $45.00 per night.

There is also a camp kitchen you can prepare your meals; it’s open 24/7. There is also fresh hot coffee available and sweet homemade cupcakes. Furthermore, if you stay at the RV park, you can still rent a private soaking tub. You can book it at reception. So, check availability and prices for other amenities on the website.

Crystal Crane Hot Springs the view of the large hot pool and wooden houses, teepee and campground.

Rules & Tips in Crystal Crane Hot Springs

  • No alcohol or glass containers are allowed in or around the hot springs.
  • No pets in the hot springs.
  • The swimsuit is obligatory in an outdoor hot pond, so don’t forget it.
  • Littering is not allowed.
  • Diving isn’t allowed.
  • Don’t use soap or shampoo in the hot springs.
  • Crystal has a strict policy not to allow in the hot springs to eat, use cosmetics, make excessive noise, or engage in sexual behavior.
  • Remember to hydrate yourself. If you are in hot springs, take a water bottle and drink often.
  • Take a quick-drying towel.
  • Pack your food; the nearest store is 25 miles away in Burns.
  • Packing bathrobes and flip-flops or slip-on shoes is also a good idea to ease the exit from the pond. It’s great to wrap yourself in a bathrobe after leaving the water because the temperature differences can be significant, and it’s easy to catch a cold.

The Crane Hot Springs area is also home to two wildlife refuges for burrowing owls and American avocets. Don’t leave any food scraps and be respectful of nature.

So, respect all these rules so that the place remains beautiful and friendly, and enjoy your stay in the Crane Hot Springs.

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Oregon soaking ponds during sunset.


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