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Antelope Canyon X Photography Guide

Antelope Canyon X is a part of the famous Navajo Antelope slot canyons in Arizona. Antelope Canyon’s popularity has been overgrown over the last 5-10 years.

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antelope canyon x photography guide

What is Antelope Canyon X?

Antelope Canyon X is a part of the famous Navajo Antelope slot canyons in Arizona. It’s less popular than Lower and Upper Antelope but it’s worth a visit. Due to less popularity, you can take there better pictures. And what’s more Navajo offer special photography tours to Canyon X. There are no photography tours in Lower Antelope Canyon and Upper Antelope Canyon. So we checked how Antelope Canyon X is and prepared this photography guide to help you find the right alternative.

How to get to Antelope Canyon X?

Antelope Canyon X is located within the same Antelope Canyon as the epic and famous Upper Antelope Canyon & Lower Antelope Canyon. If you are going from Page, AZ, take the same direction as to Upper & Lower Antelope Canyons – road 98 to Kayenta. The entrance to Antelope Canyon X is located around 10 miles southeast of Page at milepost 307.8 (you will pass Lower Antelope Canyon on your left and Upper Antelope Canyon on your right).

You can enter the Antelope Canyon X only through the Taadidiin Tours. The Navajo Nation Park & Recreation Department mandates all hiking and photography tours must be given a tour guide. The tour guide must be employed by a company authorized by the Navajo Nation Parks & Recreation Department. They will get you with the shuttle to the Antelope Canyon X entrance and the tour will be guided – there is no self-guiding option available to visit this canyon.

Taadidiin Tours is open every day from 9:00 AM to 3:00 PM. The typical tour lasts 1.5h. They offer you 2 options:

  • Antelope Canyon X Regular Hiking Tour. It’s 1.5 hours. No bags, no tripods, or monopods. You can take only a camera, and they are very strict about this limitation. Book your trip.
  • Antelope Canyon X Photography Tour – it lasts 3 hours. What’s important is you are allowed to take a tripod and one camera bag, if you wish. You can book it here.

TRIP TIP: On the same day it is possible to see also Horseshoe Bend, Upper Antelope Canyon, or Lower Antelope Canyon.  

Antelope Canyon X

Where to stay when visiting Antelope Canyon X?

The most convenient lodging to visit Antelope Canyon X is in Page, AZ. There is an excellent selection of hotels in the town. On the map below, you will find the current and best accommodation offers with the exact location of the hotels!

If you are traveling by RV, it might be a more convenient option to choose a campground or RV park. Unfortunately, options are limited here. If you need a campground, we can recommend Page Lake Powell Campground.


Best time to visit Antelope Canyon X?

As Taadidiin Tours suggests, the best time of the day is 11:00 AM – 12:20 PM. At this time, you have the best chance to see any light shafts in the canyons. But keep in mind that it might be only valid if you visit in the summer. The best time should be from May to late July. Sometimes in August and early September, but it depends on the weather.

It’s worth knowing that actually, you will visit two parts of the canyon. One to the left there is very small and one to the right that is bigger and has the famous X sign visible. The name comes from this X in the canyon on your right. You can try to catch light beams in both parts. Book your tour!

antelope canyon x

How much does Antelope Canyon X cost?

It depends on the tour type, the time of the day, and the length of the tour. Taadidiin Tours offers you 2 price options (prices as of Jan 2022):

Do you need the reservation to visit Antelope Canyon X?

Usually, it wasn’t necessary for most of the dates and out of peak hours. But after the Navajo closed Lower and Upper Antelope Canyons, things changed. And also due to COVID-19 things changed. So we highly recommend making a reservation, especially during the high season. All details can check on the official Antelope Canyon X website.

If you plan to visit this fantastic canyon on the weekend, July 4th, or Memorial Day, you must make a reservation to confirm your seats on tour. Please remember that same-day bookings are not accepted, and all walk-ins are first come, first served. There is no waitlist.

canyon x
canyon x
canyon x

What to bring with you?

You do not have to dress explicitly for the tour. The temperature in the canyon varies depending on the season. In the summer, it is about 5 degrees cooler than outside, and in the winter, it’s about 10 degrees colder inside. You can think about hiking boots – there is some steep path, but as of Fall 2019, it was in the improvement process.

You can come with kids, but pets are prohibited.

Do I need a tripod?

This is the money and time question. Of course, it’s better to bring your tripod if you are a real photographer and want great pictures. But with all those modern cameras, you can try to catch some fantastic images with a high iso option on your camera. All photos included in this article we have taken without tripods. Sometimes we had to increase ISO to 12800, but still, those pictures are not bad to publish on the internet. Of course, for posters or books, the quality is too weak, but it was not our plan. We wanted to prove that the tripod is optional. But for better photos is worth taking a tripod. Book your photography tour!

antelope canyon x photography guide

What camera and lenses are the best for Antelope Canyon X Photography?

If you plan Antelope Canyon X photography without a tripod, bring one of the cameras that can photograph with high iso and low noise. A good example is Sony A7R IIINikon Z7, or Canon EOS R. If you have one of the older cameras, do not worry, just bring it and try your best. Or go for a photo tour and take a tripod with you. In some places, it might be hard to put on the tripod, because it might be too narrow.

Regarding lenses, we recommend bringing something wide and bright (2.8 or lighter). The best examples are zooms like Sony 16-35, Nikon 14-24, or Canon 15-35. In case you have a more standard zoom like 24-70 or fixed lens, you can just focus on details most of the time.

How is the Antelope Canyon X?

First, you are taken with a 4WD shuttle bus to the canyon entrance. The ride takes about 10 minutes on the sandy road. Then from this place, you got the guide and have to hike about 40 feet (120 meters) to get to the bottom of the Antelope wash. From this point, the hike goes in two directions – a small one part on your left and the bigger one on your right.

The small canyon on the left is really small – only about 100 feet long. But in the end, it has a vast room and fantastic rock formations. In the summer, there is a chance to photograph a light shaft in this part.

Antelope Canyon X

The more significant part on your right is the most impressive one. To get to the entrance, you will hike about 500 feet through the wash, following your guide and passing other groups of people. They try to lead the groups in the opposite order to avoid crowds, but now after the closure of Antelope Canyons, it might be got worse.

After entering this part of the Antelope Canyon X, it will narrow down and winding. You will notice different rock formations reminding those from Upper Antelope Canyon. But in our opinion, it is not as many opportunities to catch the light shafts as in the Upper. We spent about 25 minutes in this part of Canyon X and managed to take some pictures. Unfortunately, virtually all the time, you must wait for some passing people to take your dream frame.

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  1. The Antelope Canyon looks amazing! I have seen photos of it before and really wish to go there someday. I am happy with the regular hiking tour, I love clicking pics with my phone. The place reminds me a little bit of Jordan’s Petra… but slightly more magnificent in the size & color.

  2. I have always wanted to visit Antelope Canyon, purely from all the incredible photos I have seen. Every picture I have come across looks different and unique in some way, proving both the talent of the photographers who enter such a canyon as well as the natural eye-catching beauty of it. Loved your photos! Thanks for the advice.

  3. Wow, this place is so beautiful! I’ve seen so many pictures of it on instagram but didn’t really know much about the place. Thank you for the detailed guide. Too bad it’s got so expensive now. I think I’d take the regular tour. I’m not much of a photographer anyway.

  4. Your post makes me regret yet again that we did not get to Antelope Canyon X when were stayed in Page.  We definitely wanted to do a photo tour but there was nothing available at the time of day we wanted. Next time we will book in advance.  I did not know there were two different parts to visit!  Such amazing pics.  Definitely on the plan for our next visit.

  5. Do you really think the Navajo will closed the Upper and Lower Antelope Canyons (besides the pandemic time)? Because I think it’s their biggest income. Your photos are beautiful! Thank you for sharing the photography guide of the canyon. I know it’s not easy. We visited the Upper Antelope Canyon seven years ago. Too bad I lost all the pictures in the computer.  

  6. Wow, your photos are magnificent! You’ve really captured the color and light in such an amazing way. I especially appreciate your tips on times to go for the best lighting, and the packages available for tours. I might just book now for May after reading this post, I love this part of the country for hiking and photography! So gorgeous! 

  7. This is such a helpful post. Ive always wondered how people are able to get such amazing shots in antelope canyon without other tourists in their pics. Didn’t realize there was a photography tour! Still hoping to add this to our list one day.

    1. The Upper was excellent as the beam lights were spectacular! X is great as less crowded and you can enjoy it more. Lower offers the best hike. All of them gave great slot canyon experiences. But the best for me was Upper.

  8. I would love to photograph Antelope Canyon. The unique colour and organic shapes make for stunning photos. I don’t travel with my tripod, and just try as hard as I can to hold steady even during high ISO shots. Thanks for sharing the info about this inspiring destination, I would love to visit one day.

  9. Your pictures of Antelope Canyon are amazing! I did not know that you have to visit with a tour. I can imagine that taking pictures between this high walls where the sun filters inn requires some thoughts. I love taking pictures, but in places like that I find it difficult to enjoy the nature, if I am also taking pictures…..

  10. I have seen many posts from photographers telling what equipment to use tripod, ISO, f stops, etc. But I have not found anyone saying the bracketed or focused shift.
    Would you recommend bracketing or focus shift?

    1. Hi Glen,
      Thank you for this question. Sure in such a difficult light condition bracket is a must (EV). You can also use focus bracket, however in my opionion it’s technique used more for macro photography. Of course both techniques are rather difficult, requires some knowledge (postprocessing mainly) far beyond this post.

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