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The Best Denali Flight Tours From Talkeetna

The Denali flightseeing was a once-in-a-lifetime experience. The views of the mountains and glaciers from the plane’s windows were breathtaking. The Denali Flight Tour we took from Talkeetna was one of the best activities during our Alaska road trip. Also, we chose the Denali flight tour with a glacier landing. It was so thrilling and unforgettable! So in this article, we are sharing our reviews and photos from this fabulous adventure. Check out the best Denali Flight Tours from Talkeetna. Which Denali flight tour to choose? Here you will find the answer.

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Best Denali Flight Tours From Talkeetna

Why choose Denali Flight Tour from Talkeetna?

Some of our readers know that we love Alaska and have visited it several times. Denali National Park has stolen our hearts. The park is located in Interior Alaska, centered on Denali, the highest mountain in North America. Mount Denali, also known as Mount McKinley, has a summit elevation of 20,310 feet (6,190 m) above sea level. Denali’s landscape is a mixture of mountains, glaciers, snow, bare rock at the highest elevations, deep forests, and tundra. It is filled with wildlife. Bears, wolves, and moose may cross your path on a road trip through Alaska. But most of the Denali area is wild and inaccessible. That’s why it’s worth it to admire the majesty of Mother Nature during a Denali scenic flight. From this perspective, we truly realize the power of nature, how strong it is, and that we are only a tiny piece of this puzzle of the earth. We decided to go to Denali Flightseeing from Talkeetna because it is one of the most beautiful places in Alaska.

Why is Talkeetna the best place to take a Denali flight tour? The answer is easy. The historic village of Talkeetna is nestled at the base of North America’s tallest peak, Denali. Talkeetna has an outstanding panoramic view of the Alaska Range. Talkeetna offers flightseeing, fishing, riverboat tours, mountain climbing, and more. Talkeetna is the best place to stop and fly over Denali because it is very close to the mountain, and the town is charming well.

denali flight tours
denali flight tours

How to plan Denali Flight Tour?

The tourist season in Alaska is short – from June to the end of September. That’s why it pays to plan your Denali flight tour and book it a few months in advance. Read our detailed ten-day Alaska itinerary if you plan a road trip in Alaska but do not know how to go about it. Of course, Alaska in winter is also worth seeing. Winter flights over Denali are also available. But if you decide on such options – remember to dress warm, because there can be extreme frosts.

Book your Denali scenic flight in advance, as it’s a popular activity, especially in summer, which is the peak season in Alaska. You can buy tours from GetYourGuide.com, as we did, and below we share our review and photos from this breathtaking trip. We choose Denali Flight Tour with Glacier Landing. We have taken GetYourGuide tours several times, and it has always been a great choice. In addition, they have good conditions for booking and canceling the trip in case of unforeseen events. Below we described in detail which Denali flight tour we chose and why.

Important to know before you book Denali Flight Tours from Talkeetna

Flightseeing Denali is Weather Dependent

Flights over Denali are always weather-dependent. It does not matter from which place you want to fly or with which company you want to fly. Passenger safety always comes first. And no matter what Denali flight trip you choose, it may be canceled. In the event of extreme winds, storms, or blizzards, the flight may be canceled.

But do not worry – the organizers will either refund your money or suggest another date. Therefore, it is worth booking at least two days for the place where you want to take a Denali flight tour. Buy an excursion for the first day and plan some rest or other attractions for the second day. In case of bad weather, you will have an extra day to reschedule the tour. If you are on a tight schedule and can not wait for the weather to change, you will get your money back. That’s why we like the GetYourGuide policy with free cancellation.

Best Denali Flight Tours From Talkeetna
Best Denali Flight Tours From Talkeetna

Why choose Denali Flight Tours from Talkeetna?

At Talkeetna, you will not be bored. If the flight over Denali is canceled due to the weather, don’t worry. It won’t be a waste of time. It is such an attractive town that you will find many activities there. Talkeetna’s activities include hiking trails, riverboat tours, float trips, mountain climbing, ATV tours, zipline tours, etc. Plus, you’ll find excellent Talkeetna accommodation options and delicious food. It’s worth staying here for the night.

Do you remember the Northern Exposure comedy-drama TV series from 90′ about the eccentric residents of a fictional town in Alaska? Well, the series was shot in Roslyn, in Washington State. But Talkeetna was the inspiration for this series! So believe us, it’s worth stopping there!

Talkeetna is one of the more friendly and exciting towns in Alaska. It has undeniable charm and atmosphere. It is also a starting point for all-mountain expeditions to reach the highest peak in North America – Denali. There is also a museum where you can learn about the history of previous summit ascents with successes and failures and tragic accidents where the mountains defeated the climbers. Talkeetna is a great place for people who love the outdoors. Plus, it’s only a dozen miles from the  Alaska Range and its tallest peaks, so you’ll have stunning views from the moment you start your Denali scenic flight.

Denali Flightseeing
Denali Flight Tours From Talkeetna

What are the Best Denali Flight Tours from Talkeetna?

We always recommend only personally checked offers, so we share our subjective opinions about the best Denali flight tours below. We bought this tour ourselves and shared our reviews and photos.

Denali Flight Tour with Glacier Landing

We decided to buy Grand Denali Flight Tour with Glacier Landing, and it was undoubtedly one of our most unforgettable and exciting experiences in Alaska. The operator was K2 Aviation. Our pilot was very experienced and knew Denali well. He told us amazing stories about the park, about the climbers who had reached the highest peak in North America, and sometimes hair-raising stories.

Every person on the Denali flight tour had a window seat. Our Denali scenic flight lasted 2 hours and included a 30-minute stop and walk at the glacier. We took off over Susitna Valley, admired the river, meanders, and deep forests, and entered the Alaska Range. We were able to admire both the south and north faces of Denali, the famous Wickersham wall, the huge and awe-inspiring Tokositna, Kahiltna, and Ruth Glaciers, and the mountain peaks called Moose’s and Bear’s Tooth. Kahiltna Glacier is the longest in Denali National Park. It was the best-organized trip (besides bear watching) in Alaska that we have purchased. We highly recommend it and hope to repeat this Denali scenic flight with glacier landing one day. Read more reviews on Denali Flight Tours.

Denali flight tours with glacier landing
Denali flightseeing

Denali Flight Experience

This Denali flight tour – 75 minutes Experience is similar to our trip but without glacier landing, so it’s cheaper and a little bit shorter. However, you can upgrade it and land on a glacier right in the heart of the Denali National Park, if you wish. It’s also operated by professional K2 Aviation so we can recommend it. You will also fly over Little Switzerland, the magnificent 44-mile-long Kahiltna Glacier. And you will admire Moose’s and Bear’s Tooth, the mighty Ruth Glacier, and the Great Gorge. A similar trip is Denali Experience Flightseeing, by K2. It can take 60 minutes or 90 minutes if you add glacier landing.

glacier landing

What to wear for Denali Flight Tours?

Flightseeing Denali requires good preparation. Even if you are taking a scenic flight over Denali in the summer, dress warmly. Do not forget your hat and gloves. Depending on the weather and time of year, the temperature difference between the Talkeetna and glacier landing can be up to several degrees or more. It can be icy and windy. If you land on the glacier, wear sturdy hiking boots with a good grip.

Luggage or large bags are not allowed on airplanes. So take only a tiny backpack with a bottle of water and your camera to take fabulous photos. Sprays or aerosols are also not allowed, so if you pack a bear spray for your Alaska road trip, remove it from your backpack for a Denali scenic flight.

If you plan your Alaska dream travel and don’t know what to pack – please check our detailed Alaska Packing List based on our Alaska experiences.

the best denali flight tour
best denali flight tours

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  1. I have never been to Alaska, wow! Thank you for including sites where we can actually book these tours, this is something I would love to do if I was in Alaska since I adore heights (my boyfriend not so much!) and views from up high.

  2. We enjoyed our cruise to Alaska but it left us wanting more. We would love to explore more by land. And a Denali flight seeing trip would be absolutely something we would do. This different perspective certainly does give you a different view of the majesty of Mother Nature. And it would be awesome to do a glacier landing. Good tip to book it wall in advance.

  3. What a nice idea to take a scenic flight over Denali National Park! We visited the park a few years ago but didn’t cross our mind that we could see it from above. I love the idea that every person on the plane has access to a window, but 2 hours in the air seems seems like a long flight. I never felt safe in these small planes.

  4. Alaska is high up on my list of places to visit. I will definitely make sure I take the Denali flight tour and landing on a glacier must have been quite an experience. I will also ensure that I book it well in advance as you suggested.

  5. Wonderful pictures of Denali. It must have been an amazing experience flying over the glacier and even landing on it! Warm clothes are definitely a must! Good to know that there are things to keep you busy in Talkeetna in case you have to wait for better weather.

  6. Wow! This is amazing. It is actually part of my bucket list to go on a flight tour in Alaska. We’ll make sure to do this during our next trip. Thank you for the tips. The view is sooo beautiful.

  7. What an exhilarating experience and over a beautiful part of the country. Honestly, I’m not sure my fear of heights would make this ideal for me, but my other half would love it! Great tips on what to wear too, I felt cold just seeing those snowy mountains!

  8. This sounds like an amazing adventure and I would totally be up for it. Albeit, I took such a small plane in Belize. First, I was amazed by how close we were to the jungle and the rivers. But very soon, I got all nauseated and spent the rest of the trip making sure not to throw up 😀 Motion sickness can be really bad.

  9. So I have to ask, did you make up the word “flightseeing” cause I LOVE IT! Seriously, how cool would it be to see Denali from a small prop plane during the colder, snow capped months. I have to say of all the flights you found, to me, the best Denali Flight Tours from Talkeetna might be that one with the additional Glacier Landing.
    The more I keep reading about Mt. McKinley or Denali, the more I have been wanting to backpack and possibly summit it. But if not then I am definitely going FLIGHTSEEING to see it up close and personal! haha, love it.

  10. Wow it looks absolutely breathtaking here!! The photos you took from the plane are beautiful. This seems like the perfect family adventure I need to add to my travel list!!

  11. The flight to a glacier in Denali is one of the things I want to do when visiting Alaska. It really looks like an amazing experience. The views are absolutely breathtaking! My cousin and her family did this several years ago, but I don’t recall where they started or with what tour company. But yours sounds wonderful! I’ll keep this in mind.

  12. Wow! This looks like such a gorgeous flight! The views are absolutely stunning! Talk about a trip of a lifetime!

  13. Wow, what a thrilling experience. Flying over Denali is something I would like to do someday. The views are amazing. Alaska indeed has stunning landscapes. Just WOW!

  14. Ooh I remember visiting Denali National Park as a teenager and absolutely loved the scenery. We did a helicopter glacier tour too but it didn’t include an aerial tour of other parts of the park like your excursion. I particularly like your photos of the view over the mountains and that view of trees and water in one of your pics.

  15. Alaska is one of the last states I have left to visit and I will use this as a guide when I do. The term “flightseeing” is a new one for me.

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